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Tucson International Airport Tucson Airport Authority Ryan Airfield

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Carrier Flight From Claim Time Status
Southwest 499 Raleigh-Durham 5 9:40 am Landed
United 6342 Houston 7 10:18 am Landed
American 3227 Phoenix 2 10:33 am Now 10:23 AM
Delta 3801 Salt Lake City 4 10:43 am Now 10:28 AM
American 2927 Dallas-Ft Worth 2 10:47 am Now 10:35 AM
Southwest 1682 Chicago 5 10:55 am Now 11:02 AM
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Carrier Flight To Gate Time Status
American 458 Dallas-Ft Worth B10 9:39 am Now 10:14 AM
United 5479 Denver A7 9:43 am Now 10:08 AM
American 639 Chicago B11 10:31 am On Time
Southwest 499 San Diego A6 10:35 am On Time
United 6144 Houston A8 10:54 am On Time
American 3227 Phoenix B8 11:24 am On Time
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Parking Availability
  • Hourly $1 per 30 minutes

    50% FULL
  • Daily $10/day

    85% FULL
  • Garage $10/day

    60% FULL
  • Economy $4.50/day

    20% FULL
  • Economy Covered $6/day

    90% FULL
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Tucson International Airport
7250 South Tucson Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85756
(520) 573-8100