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Frequently Asked Questions

To the Airport

What address should I use for GPS to the airport?

7250 S Tucson Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85756 is the address for the commercial airline terminal.

What hours is the airport open?

The airfield is operational 24/7. The commercial airline terminal is also open 24/7 but tenants, including the airlines, the Transportation Security Administration, retail shops, food and beverage outlets and rental car companies all set their own hours determined by flight operations.

  • Airline ticket counters and check-in kiosks generally open 90 minutes to 2 hours before each airline’s first flight of the day and close when the last flight of the day departs.
  • The TSA Security checkpoints usually open at 4 a.m. and close when the last flight of the day departs.
  • Retail and food and beverage concessions start opening at 4 a.m. In the pre-security area, the food concession in Center Point on the ticketing level closes at 6 p.m. and Ike’s Coffee Bar near the Welcome Lounge for the A Concourse in Baggage Claim remains open until the last flight of the night arrives. On the Concourses, at least one food and beverage outlet remains open until the last flight of the day departs.
  • Rental car companies usually open for car returns at 5 a.m., although some open later. Customers who need to return their vehicles early in the day should check with their car rental company to make arrangements.

Where do I park?

The Tucson Airport Authority has more than 7,600 parking spaces in six different venues. Click here for more information.

May I just be dropped off?

Yes, passengers can be dropped off on the upper level roadway. Stopping can only be permitted to drop off passengers. Vehicles cannot be left unattended. Please note curbside bag check is only offered by American and Southwest airlines. All other airlines require passengers to check bags inside the terminal.

Where is my airline in the terminal?

The terminal at Tucson International Airport has two concourses. Concourse B, the first concourse as you approach the terminal, is where you will find American, Alaska and Delta. Concourse A, which is beyond the Center Point of the terminal, is where you will find Aeromar, Southwest and United.

What other options are there for getting to/from the airport besides driving?

There are numerous ground transportation offerings to Tucson International Airport including:

Check-in Info

What time do airline ticket counters open?

It depends on each airline’s flight schedule. Generally the ticket counters open two hours before the first departure of the day and close when the airline’s last flight of the day departs. Check your airline for its specific hours. 

How early should I arrive at the airport before my flight?

This varies depending on how busy the airport is with other departing flights. Each airline has its own recommendation. A good guideline is to be at the airline ticket counter at least 90 minutes ahead of scheduled departure for a domestic U.S. flight.

What if I’m not checking bags?

The time you save by not checking bags can be taken up requiring more time to get through TSA security, so the time guidelines are the same, regardless of whether you’re checking bags.

What if I checked-in for my flight online and have a mobile boarding pass?

You still must allow ample time to get through security and be at the gate as required by the airline.

What time do I have to be at my departure gate?

This varies by airline. A boarding time will often be noted on your boarding pass. Most airlines require passengers be ready for boarding 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure, so the aircraft can be secured and pushed back from the gate on time. Once an aircraft’s cabin door has been secured, FAA regulations prohibit agents from allowing additional passengers to board without reinitiating the security process which would delay departure of the flight.

When is the airport busiest?

Typically Tucson International Airport’s busiest times for departing flights are in the early morning hours and again at mid-day. Because Tucson and Arizona do not observe Daylight Saving Time the busy hours shift. When DST is in effect, the busy hours are usually before 8 a.m. and from about 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. When Standard time is in effect the busiest hours are usually about an hour later. Typically Sundays, Mondays and Fridays are the busiest days of the week except when there are holidays.

May I check my bag at the curb?

Currently curbside bag check at Tucson International Airport is offered only by American and Southwest airlines. All other airlines require bags to be checked inside the terminal.

In the Terminal

I have an emergency, how do I report it?

Dial 911 from a mobile phone or any house phone to reach Tucson Airport Authority Police or Fire/EMT.

What services are available for people with physical challenges or disabilities?

Information about resources at Tucson International Airport can be found here. Requests for auxiliary aids or services can be made by calling (520) 573-8100 during business hours. Please direct questions or concerns regarding the Americans With Disabilities Act questions or any complaints to the Airport ADA Coordinator or call (520) 573-8100 during business hours.

Where do I find _____________?

Find what you’re looking for on this interactive terminal map.

Otherwise, here are services you will find in the terminal:

  • Animal Relief Area: Service animals and pets being transported can use an animal relief area outside the east end entrance of the baggage claim area on the lower level. Bags and a container for solid waste are provided. Beyond the TSA Checkpoints animal relief facilities are provided inside the restrooms on both concourses.
  • Art: The Tucson Airport Authority maintains both a permanent art collection as well temporary exhibits featuring works by regional artists at galleries throughout the terminal. A guide to the airport’s art program is here.
  • Automated Teller Machine: A Bank of America ATM is on the east side of the Center Point on the ticketing level. Note: There are no ATMs in the secure area of the concourses.
  • Computer work stations: Countertops with electrical outlets suitable for laptops are located on both concourses.
  • Food: There are a variety of options in the terminal, both pre- and post-security.
    • Pre-Security: Market Express and Bar
    • Baggage Claim: Arbuckles’ Coffee Bar near the Welcome Lounge for the A Concourse opens early in the morning and remains open until the last incoming flight of the night arrives.
    • Concourse A, post-security: Market Express and Arbuckles’ Coffee Bar. At least one option remains open until the last flight of the day departs.
    • Concourse B, post-security: Market Kitchen, Arbuckles’ Coffee Bar and PAX Bar and Eatery. At least one option remains open until the last flight of the day departs.
  • Information and Paging: Use a house phone or call (520) 573-8100.
  • Lost and Found: The airport’s Lost and Found office is on the baggage claim level to the west of the center escalators. This office holds items found in the airport terminal and parking lots for 30 days. Call the office at (520) 573-8156. Other Lost and Found contacts at the airport are:
    • Aeromar: (520) 207-0373
    • Alaska Airlines: (520) 741-8585
    • American Airlines: (520) 837-0010
    • Delta Air Lines: (520) 741-6213
    • Southwest Airlines: (520) 294-6006
    • Transportation Security Administration (TSA): (520) 799-9313
    • United Airlines: (520) 573-8271
  • U.S. Postal Service mailboxes: Near the entrances to each concourse, pre-security.
  • Massage chairs: Coin operated chairs are located throughout the terminal, on the concourses and in baggage claim.
  • Military Lounge: A Military Liaison Office is on the baggage claim level, near bag belt 4. It is available 24/7 to active and former military personnel and their dependents while traveling through Tucson International Airport. For more information click here.
  • Money exchange: There is no currency exchange in the terminal. The ATM on the east side of the Center Point in the pre-security area of the ticketing level issues U.S. currency.
  • Retail shops: News and gift shops are on both concourses and near the pre-security entrance to Concourse B.
  • Shoe shine: Stands run by independent operators are in the post-security areas of both concourses.
  • Smoking: Smoking of any type, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted inside the terminal. Designated smoking areas are located outside the east and west entrances of the terminal on both ticketing and lower levels.
  • Storage locker: Due to federal regulations, there are no facilities in the airport terminal for storing luggage.
  • Wheelchairs: This service is available from all airlines. Arrangements should be made in advance when making airline reservations.
  • Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi is available in the terminal.

My question wasn’t answered here, who can help me?

If you are in the terminal, look for a volunteer Airport Ambassador wearing a purple vest. They can often be found in the baggage claim area. Or call (520) 573-8100 from a house or mobile phone.

If your question is for a future visit you can ask it here.

I’ve got an idea for the airport, where may I submit it?

Submit suggestions online here or call (520) 573-8080.

Meeting Arriving Passengers

How can I check the arrival status of a flight?

Flight arrival and departures can be tracked on our Flight Status page.

Where can I meet arriving passengers in the terminal?

Passengers arriving on U.S. domestic flights may be met in the Welcome Lounges in the baggage claim area at the foot of escalators coming down from both the A and B concourses. Southwest and United airlines flights arrive on the A Concourse. Alaska, American and Delta flights arrive on the B Concourse. Video monitors display tracking of arriving and departing flights. Another video monitor shows arriving passengers on the concourses.

Passengers arriving on international flights may be met in the International Arrivals Welcome Lounge on the second level (ticketing level) at the entrance to the A Concourse.

Can I buy something to eat or drink while waiting?

Yes, there is an Arbuckles’ Coffee Bar near the Welcome Lounge for the A Concourse. It’s open until the last incoming flight of the night arrives.

Where do I park?

The closest lot to the terminal for meeting arriving passengers is the Hourly lot in front of the terminal building. The cost is $1 per each 30 minute period. Customers have two options to pay for parking at this lot; either at an EasyPay automated device outside the baggage claim area or pay cash at a staffed booth at the exit from the lot. Customers who use EasyPay can exit the lot through the automated gates. EasyPay devices accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Where may I wait if I don’t want to park and come in the terminal?

A cell phone waiting lot is located off Airport Drive near the approach to the terminal building. Parking here is free as long as the driver remains with the vehicle. Please note: Federal security regulations allow vehicles to stop in front of the terminal building only for the active loading or unloading of passengers. Vehicles cannot stop and wait in front of the terminal and they can never be left unattended.

Leaving the Airport

What ground service options are available from Tucson International Airport?

Several ground transportation offerings are available from Tucson International Airport including:

How late do these ground service providers stay open at night?

Ground service providers generally remain open until after passengers on the last flight arrival of the night have been able to retrieve their baggage. The exceptions to that are Sun Tran and some of shuttle services that require advance reservations.

Do hotels and resorts have courtesy shuttles?

Yes, numerous hotels and resorts offer courtesy shuttles from the airport. Contact your lodging establishment for details.

Is there a shared-ride van service?

Yes, it is Arizona Stagecoach. It has a counter in the center of the baggage claim area.

Is there a shuttle to the University of Arizona campus?

Arizona Stagecoach can provide this service. The counter is in the center of the baggage claim area.

Is it possible to hire a limo or Town Car?

Yes, Latrikunda car service has a counter in the center of the baggage claim area.

Where are the rental cars?

All car rental firms use the rental car facility, which is walking distance east of the baggage claim area. Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz and National all operate on-site. Thrifty offers shuttle service to its nearby location.

Can I drive a rental car from the Tucson airport into Mexico?

The rental car firms operating at Tucson International Airport have cars that can be driven into Mexico provided certain conditions are met. Some firms will rent only to corporate customers while others may have restrictions about where their cars can be driven. In all cases, arrangements must be made by phone in advance of arrival and customers are required to purchase Mexico insurance from the rental car company.

Where are the taxis?

The taxi stand is on the commercial roadway in front of the baggage claim area. Although taxis are not regulated in Arizona, four companies, AAA Airport Cabs, Discount Cab, Flash Cab and Yellow Cab, have agreed to abide by Tucson Airport Authority standards. More information is here.

Where do I meet my Lyft or Uber driver?

Arriving passengers who have hailed a ride through their Lyft or Uber app may meet their driver and car at the curbside outside the Rental Car facility, which is a short walk east of baggage claim. Passengers should know cars and drivers do not wait at the stop but will arrive when ordered through the mobile app. Lyft and Uber are currently the only app ride services operating at Tucson International Airport.

Is there a public transportation option?

Yes, two routes of Sun Tran make regular stops at the airport. More information is here.

I need to go outside the Tucson area, what options do I have?

A list of other shuttle options, all of which require advance reservations, can be found here.

Is there a bus or shuttle that goes into Mexico?

Hermosillo Shuttle has regular service into Sonora. Reservations must be made in advance at (520) 807-9554.

My hotel has a courtesy shuttle, where will I find it?

Courtesy shuttles can be found on the commercial roadway outside the baggage claim area.

I want to stay overnight near the airport, what hotels are nearby?

There are 16 lodging properties within 2 miles of the airport terminal. Information about them is here.

I lost my parking ticket, how do I get my car?

Vehicles parked in TAA facilities are inventoried nightly by license plate. For customers who have parked in the Hourly, Daily or Economy lots, cashiers in the booths at the exit gates can assist you, based on your license plate number. Customers who have parked in the Garage can use the intercom on the EasyPay machine. In many cases, the charges and a ticket to exit can be produced at the machine. Some cases may require an in-person visit by a supervisor to verify information. In cases involving lost tickets, customers are charged the full-day’s rate for lot or garage based on the number of days the vehicle was inventoried.

How far is it to …?

Destination                             Approx. Miles

Benson                                                42

Bisbee                                                 89

Casas Adobes                                      17

Catalina                                               31

Catalina Foothills                                15

Downtown Tucson                               8

Davis-Monthan AFB                            7

Douglas                                              114

Fort Huachuca                                     69

Green Valley                                       24

Marana                                               31

Mount Lemmon                                  51

Nogales, Arizona                                 64

Nogales, Sonora, Mexico                    66

Oro Valley                                           23

Patagonia                                            56

Pima Air & Space Museum                 6

Rio Rico                                               55

Sahuarita                                             17

Sells                                                     61

Sierra Vista                                         71

Tombstone                                          66

Tubac                                                  43

Tumacacori                                         46

University of Arizona                          8

Vail                                                      20

Willcox                                                77

A list showing approximate mileage to selected lodging destinations can be found on the taxi page here.

Airport Info

Who owns and runs Tucson International Airport?

Most of the 8,343 acres that make up Tucson International Airport is owned by the City of Tucson. The airport is operated by the Tucson Airport Authority, a non-profit quasi-government corporation created by the Arizona Legislature in 1948. The TAA is comprised of 85 members selected from within the airport’s service area and led by an 11-member Board of Directors. In addition to Tucson International Airport, the TAA operates Ryan Airfield, a general aviation reliever airport, west of Tucson.

I want to work at the airport, how do I find out about available jobs?

The Tucson Airport Authority posts current job openings here. Applications can be submitted online here.  The TAA recruits and hires only for positions within its organization and includes positions in administration, operations, planning and development, custodial, police and fire. Employment opportunities with other organizations at Tucson International Airport, including the airlines, terminal concessions, car rental companies, parking, the Transportation Security Administration, Customs and Border Protection, the Federal Aviation Administration and other tenants are handled by each organization that should be contacted directly.

How do I do business with Tucson International Airport or Ryan Airfield?

The Tucson Airport Authority welcomes the opportunity to establish relationships with businesses interested in working at its airports.

Learn more about the Tucson Airport Authority here or Ryan Airfield here.

How do I advertise my business in the terminal?

Contact Clear Channel Airports at 1-800-628-6800 to place advertising on digital display screens or for display spaces throughout the terminal building.

Who do I contact about flying my drone (Unmanned Aircraft System)?

The Tucson International Airport supports the safe operation of drones for recreational use and commercial purposes. There are many areas around the airport that are not safe to fly drones because manned aircraft operate at low altitudes. For more information on the operation of drones near the airport please visit the Drone Information page here.

Where do I find the airport’s Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan?

The Tucson Airport Authority has prepared an Emergency Contingency Plan to address irregular operations such as tarmac delays. The plan is here.

What’s being done about aircraft noise?

Noise is an unavoidable side-effect of aviation. The Tucson Airport Authority is continuing to refine a program it developed in 1991 to limit the impact of aircraft noise. Contact Scott Robidoux at or (520) 573-4811.

More information about the TAA’s noise plan is here.

Does the airport give tours?

Free monthly “Tennis Shoe” Terminal Tours are available the last Wednesday of each month, starting at 9 a.m. The approximately 90-minute tour involves quite a bit of walking so be prepared with comfortable shoes. Tour groups are limited to 15. Please call (520) 573-8187 to make a reservation. Unfortunately, at this time, the TAA cannot offer special tours beyond the monthly “Tennis Show” Terminal Tour.

Does the airport have speakers for community groups?

Yes, the Tucson Airport Authority welcomes the opportunity to speak to community groups on a number of topics.

Please contact the TAA Speakers Bureau at (520) 573-4835.

Does the airport have meeting rooms in the terminal that can be reserved?

Yes. Please contact (520) 573-8100 for reservations.

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