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Passenger FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

To the Airport

What address should I use for GPS to the airport?

7250 S Tucson Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85756 is the address for the commercial airline terminal. If you’re driving directly to Economy Parking, use 2650 E Corona Road. Courtesy shuttles operate 24/7 between Economy Parking and the terminal.

What hours is the airport open?

The airfield is operational 24/7 everyday. The commercial airline terminal is also open 24/7 but tenants, including the airlines, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints, retail shops, food and beverage outlets and rental car companies all set their own hours determined by flight operations. Airline counter hours are here, TSA security information is here, food and retail concessions hours are here and rental car information is here.

Where do I park?

The Tucson Airport Authority has more than 7,500 parking spaces in six locations from which to choose and all are close to the terminal, including three that are within walking distance. Click here for information.

How early in the morning do the shuttles start from Economy Parking, how often do they run and where do I meet them?

The courtesy shuttles from both the Economy and Economy Covered lots on Corona Road operate about every 15 minutes, 24/7. In the Economy Lot the shuttle will often meet arriving vehicles where they park, otherwise passengers should go to one of the covered shuttle stops to be picked up. In Economy Covered, passengers should stand by their vehicle to be picked up or passengers can wait at a covered shuttle stop in the Economy Lot, just outside the fence of the covered parking.

Are reservations required for any of the parking lots?

No, they are not required but for your convenience, peace-of-mind and to provide a touch-free experience, parking reservations can be made online. Reservations can be made at least a day in advance of arrival and there is a $2 fee. Information about parking facilities, including availability and links to make reservations can be found here.

How long may I leave my vehicle parked at the airport?

As long as you like but if you’re planning to leave a vehicle longer than 30 days, please call Ace Parking at (520) 573-4710 to let them know.

May I just be dropped off?

Yes, passengers can be dropped off curbside for each airline. Stopping can only be permitted to drop off passengers. Vehicles cannot be left unattended. Curbside bag check is currently offered only by Southwest Airlines. All other airlines require passengers to check bags at their counters inside the terminal.

Where is my airline in the terminal?

Tucson International Airport has three gate areas, labeled the A, B and C gates. The C gates are the first you come to as you approach the terminal area and it is where you will find Allegiant. Beyond that you continue up an incline to the departures level for the B gates where you will find American followed by Alaska and Delta. Then beyond the Center Point are the A gates where the next airlines in order are Southwest, Frontier, Sun Country and United. See the airlines page here for more.


What other options are there for getting to the airport besides driving?

Services that can get you to Tucson International Airport include:

Except for public transit, all of these services can drop you off curbside at your departing airline. The Sun Tran bus stop is at the west end of the main terminal.

How do I arrange for a wheelchair?

Include the request for a wheelchair as part of your airline reservation. When you get to the airport, personnel at the departures curb can assist you. If wheelchair help is not readily available please inform a skycap or a Tucson Airport Authority traffic officer that you need a wheelchair.

Check-in Info

What time do airline check-in counters open?

Each airline sets its own counter hours. Airlines with multiple flights each day open check-in counters about 2 hours before the first departure of the day and close when the final flight of the day departs. Most airlines with less-than-daily service open check-in counters 2 hours before scheduled flight time and close them 45 minutes before the flight. More information is here.   

How early should I arrive at the airport before my flight?

Each airline has its own recommendation but a good guideline is to be at the airport at least 90 minutes before scheduled departure for a domestic U.S. flight and 2 hours before departure for an international flight. Some airlines encourage passengers to check in 2 hours ahead of flight time and close 45 minutes before departure. Allow more time if you have special circumstances and around holidays.

I'm running late, is there a cut-off time for checking in?

Yes, each airline sets its own policy regarding check-in times. The most common policies require baggage be checked at least 45 minutes ahead of scheduled departure and that passengers be at the gate 30 minutes before departure. Some airlines close their check-in counters 45 minutes before flight departure and require passengers to be checked in by the time the counter closes.

What do I need to do if I'm flying with a pet?

Each airline has its own policies on traveling with your pet. Below are links to the policies for the airlines at TUS:

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) also has information on this page: Taking your human on a plane: what every pet needs to know

I have to pay to check my bag but I only have cash, what can I do?

ATMs operated by third-party vendors are available to convert cash into prepaid debit cards for a $5 transaction fee. The ATMs are located at the east and west ends of the ticketing area of the main terminal near the check-in counters for American and United airlines. These ATMs do not dispense cash.

What time do I have to be at my departure gate?

A boarding time will often be noted on your boarding pass. Most airlines require passengers be ready for boarding 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure so the aircraft can be secured and pushed back on time from the gate. Reservations, even those where a boarding pass has been issued, are subject to cancellation if the passenger is not on board on time, which is usually 10 minutes ahead of departure time. This allows the airline to accommodate standby passengers and begin procedures for departure. Once an aircraft’s cabin door has been secured, agents cannot allow additional passengers to board without restarting the security process which would delay departure of the flight.

When is the airport busiest?

At Tucson International Airport the busiest times for departing flights usually are in the early morning hours and again at mid-day. Because Tucson and Arizona do not observe Daylight Saving Time the busy hours shift. From early March to early November when DST is in effect in most of the rest of the U.S., the busy hours are before 8 a.m. and from about 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. When Standard time is in effect the busiest times are an hour later. Sundays, Mondays and Fridays tend to be the busier days of the week except when there are holidays.

May I check my bag at the curb?

Curbside bag check at Tucson International Airport is currently offered only by Southwest Airlines. All other airlines require bags to be checked at the counter inside the terminal.

TSA Security

Where can I get answers to questions about going through security?

Information about TSA at Tucson International Airport, including answers to questions specific to the airport, can be found here.

In the Terminal

I have an emergency, how do I report it?

Dial 9-1-1 from a mobile phone or any airport courtesy phone to reach Tucson Airport Authority Police, Fire and emergency medical technicians (EMT).

Where do I find _____________?

Find what you’re looking for on this interactive terminal map. Otherwise, please read on to see if any other FAQs help you out.

What services are available for people with physical challenges or disabilities?

Information about resources at Tucson International Airport is here.

What is there to eat in the terminal?

Information about food and beverage offerings in the terminal can be found here.

I am a nursing mother, is there a place where I can find some privacy?

Yes, lactation suites that are part of the Mamava network are available on the two concourses of the main terminal. For passengers departing from the A gates, the suite is near gate A3 and for passengers departing from the B gates it is at the mid-way point of the concourse near El Charro Café and across from the restrooms. To gain access to the suite, download the Mamava app here or call (520) 573-8182.

Where can I find out more about the art in the terminal?

A good place to start is on our Arts & Culture page here.

Is there an ATM in the terminal?

Currently there are no automated teller machines in the terminal at Tucson International Airport. We hope to have them reinstalled soon. In the meantime, nearby alternative locations for ATMs include:

  • Pima Federal Credit Union, 2455 E. Valencia Road (northwest corner of Valencia and Tucson Boulevard).
  • Vantage West Credit Union, 3125 E. Valencia Road.
  • Four Points by Sheraton Hotel (NYCE, American Express and Visa Plus networks), 7060 S. Tucson Blvd.
  • Hyatt Place (Accel, Allpoint and Mastercard networks), 6885 S. Tucson Blvd.
  • AMPM (Allpoint, Cardtronics and Mastercard networks), 2450 E. Valencia Road (southwest corner of Valencia and Tucson Boulevard).
  • Circle K (Cardtronics network), 6525 S. Country Club Road (southeast corner of Country Club and Valencia roads).

Where is an animal relief area?

Animal relief areas pre-security are outdoors on both the east and west sides of the lower level from Baggage Claim of the main terminal. Use the exits near baggage carousels 1 and 7. Bags and a container for solid waste are provided. Post-security animal relief facilities are available on the A and B concourses just beyond the TSA  checkpoints.


Where is a good place for me to work on my laptop?

Counter tops with electrical outlets suitable for laptops are located near the gates on the two concourses of the main terminal. Also, there are Business Centers located just beyond the TSA Checkpoints for the A and B concourses. Please be aware these services are not available at the C gates.

Is there a place where my children can play while waiting for a flight?

We’re working on developing children’s play areas. We hope to have them soon.

How do I page someone in the terminal?

Please call (520) 573-8100 from any phone to have someone paged in the terminal.

How do I reach Lost and Found?

Tucson International Airport, the Transportation Security Administration and each airline all have their own Lost and Found procedures depending on where you might have left an item. Information is on the airport’s Lost and Found page here.

Is there a mailbox/express shipping drop box in the terminal?

Yes, there are two U.S. Postal Service mailboxes on the second level of the terminal in the pre-security area. One mailbox is near pay telephones in the lobby area in front of Frontier Airlines’ counter on the east side of the terminal and the other mailbox is on the wall west of American Airlines’ counter near the entrance to the TSA security checkpoint for the B Concourse.

A Federal Express drop box is near the entrance to the A gates, next to the United Airlines check-in counter. A United Parcel Service (UPS) box is near the entrance to the B gates, next to the American Airlines check-in counter.

Do you have a USO or military lounge?

Yes, the Military Lounge is open 24/7 to active and former military personnel and their dependents while traveling through the airport. It is in the Baggage Claim area on the lower level, near baggage carousel 4. More about the Military Lounge is here. It is not an affiliated United Service Organizations (USO) Center.

Due to COVID-19 concerns the Military Lounge is temporarily closed. A date for reopening has not been established.

Where is a currency exchange?

Sorry, there is no currency exchange in the TUS terminal. If you are still planning your trip or if you’ve returned from a trip with foreign currency, your bank or credit union will usually offer the best exchange rates and lowest fees. If that’s not an option, consider withdrawing foreign currency from an ATM at your destination, preferably one that is affiliated with your bank or credit union to pay the lowest transaction fees. Another option is to use a currency exchange at a connecting airport. They are located within the TSA secure areas at airports including Atlanta, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Houston Intercontinental, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle.

Where may I smoke?

Designated smoking areas are outside the east and west entrances of the main terminal on both the ticketing and lower levels. In compliance with Arizona law, smoking, or vaping of any type including e-cigarettes, is not permitted inside any building at Tucson International Airport.

Do you have lockers for storing luggage?

No, due to federal security requirements Tucson International Airport is not able to offer lockers in the terminal.

Is there WiFi in the terminal?

Yes and it is free. Look for Fly-Tucson-Free-WiFi in your settings.


Meeting Arrivals

How can I check the arrival status of a flight?

Up-to-the-minute information on flight arrivals and departures is on our Flight Status page here.

Where can I meet arriving passengers in the terminal?

In the main terminal, there are three Arrivals Lounges, depending on the airline:

  • Southwest and United arriving passengers can be met in Baggage Claim on the lower level at the foot of escalators coming down from the A Concourse.
  • Alaska, American and Delta passengers can be met in Baggage Claim on the lower level at the foot of escalators coming down from the B Concourse.
  • Frontier and Sun Country passengers can be met at the International Arrivals lounge outside the FIS (Federal Inspection Services facility) on the ticketing (second) level near the exit from the A Concourse.

At the C gates, passengers arriving on Allegiant can be met in the breezeway outside the building.

Can I buy something to eat or drink while waiting?

Due to temporary closures, the only option in Baggage Claim are vending machines near the Arrivals Lounge for the B concourse. We hope to have Noble Hops open again soon on the ticketing level (one floor up from Baggage Claim) as another option.


Where do I park?

The closest is the Hourly lot in front of the terminal buildings. The cost is $1 per each 30 minute period (to a maximum of $13 per day).

Where may I wait if I don’t want to park and come in the terminal?

A cell phone waiting lot is off Airport Drive, which is the last right turn as you approach the terminal area. Parking here is free as long as the driver remains with the vehicle. Please ask your arriving party to call you after they have collected their bags as federal security regulations prohibit TAA Traffic Officers from allowing vehicles to stop and wait in front of the terminal. Vehicles can only be permitted to stop for active loading of passengers.

Where do I pick up an animal being shipped to me?

This is something that should be confirmed at the point of origin by the party doing the shipping. Make sure they give you the arrival airline and flight number. Each airline has its own procedure for retrieving live animals.

  • American and Delta deliver animals at their cargo offices. Information regarding airline cargo offices is here.
  • Sun Country and United animals can be retrieved at the airline’s check-in counter.
  • Allegiant, Frontier and Southwest do not accept live animals not traveling with a passenger.
  • Alaska Airlines does not accept live animals for travel to/from Tucson.

Please be aware that no airline will ship live animals to and from Tucson during the summer.


Leaving the Airport

What transportation options are available from Tucson International Airport?

There are several options:

Where are the rental cars?

All car rental firms use the Rental Car Center, which is a short walking distance outside the east exit of the main terminal.

How late do the car rental counters stay open at night?

Car rental companies hours are here. In cases of delayed flight arrivals, they will make arrangements to accommodate customers with reservations.

Where are the taxis?

The taxi stand is on the commercial roadway in front of the main terminal. Passengers arriving on airlines at the A and B gates can exit Baggage Claim on the lower level and cross the first roadway to the commercial roadway. The taxis will be on your left at the first island. From the C gates, the most direct route is to cross the roadway in front of the terminal and go east toward the taxi stand. Information about taxis at Tucson International Airport is here.

How late are taxis available at night?

Taxis are supposed to be available after each scheduled flight arrival. If cabs are not at the taxi stand, there is a courtesy phone at the stand that can be used to have a cab immediately dispatched. Contact information for the taxi companies is here.

Where do I meet my Lyft or Uber driver?

Arriving passengers who have requested a ride through the Lyft or Uber app may meet their driver and car curbside at the Rental Car Center, which is out the east exit from main terminal’s lower level Baggage Claim. Passengers arriving at the C gates should go through the main terminal. Follow the signs to ‘App Rides.’ Cars and drivers do not wait at the stop but will arrive when ordered through the mobile app.

Where will I find my hotel's transportation?

You will want to confirm this with your hotel but you can meet your driver in one of two places. Either at Baggage Claim or outside on the commercial roadway which is reached by exiting Baggage Claim from the main terminal and crossing the first roadway to the commercial roadway where you will find your driver to your right. From the C gates cross the roadway outside the breezeway and go toward the center of the parking lot. A list of hotels and resorts offering transportation to and from Tucson International Airport is here.

Is there public transportation?

Yes, two routes of Tucson’s public bus system Sun Tran make regular stops at the airport. The bus stop is outside the upper level west exit from the main terminal, one floor up from Baggage Claim. Passengers arriving at the C gates should go toward the main terminal (to your right as you leave the breezeway exit) where the bus stop is on your left just before you enter the main terminal building. Information about Sun Tran is here.

Is there a shared-ride van service in the terminal?

No. There are several shared-ride van services at TUS but all require reservations. Contact information for all car and shuttle services can be found here.

What's the best way to get to the University of Arizona campus?

You have several choices. If you have just landed and haven’t made other arrangements, the quickest alternative is probably a taxi. They meet every scheduled arriving flight and the trip to the campus should take about 25 minutes in normal traffic and cost between $25 and $35. You might also consider one of the rideshare services if you have the Lyft or Uber app.

The most economical choice is Sun Tran. Both bus routes from the airport require a transfer and normal travel time to campus is about an hour. Regular cash fare is $1.75 paid as you board each bus for a total of $3.50 each way. If you intend to use Sun Tran often, you can save money by purchasing a SunGO card and having it mailed to you in advance of your trip (allow 10 days). The fare with a SunGo card each way between the airport and campus is $1.60. Learn more about SunGO here.

If you are still planning your trip, there are many reserved car and shuttle services that will meet your party if you have reservations.


I need to go outside the Tucson area, what options do I have?

A list of options, all of which require reservations, can be found at the bottom of this page.

Can I drive a rental car from the Tucson airport into Mexico?

Yes, the car rental companies at Tucson International Airport have cars that can be driven into Mexico provided certain conditions are met. The conditions vary among companies but all require advance reservations by phone (preferably with the Tucson office), that the vehicle be returned to a pre-arranged location in the United States. and customers must purchase Mexico auto liability insurance from the car rental company. Phone numbers for car rental firms at Tucson International Airport are here.

Is there a bus or shuttle that goes into Mexico from the airport?

Not directly from the airport but taxis, Lyft and Uber can take passengers from TUS to two nearby bus terminals where there is frequent daily service into Mexico. TAP Royal, 910 W. Irvington Road in the Placita Del Rio center (520) 573-7033, is about 7 miles away and Tufesa, 5550 S. 12th Ave. (520) 294-3780, is about 5½ miles from the airport. Both companies offer Deluxe (De Lujo) or Executive (Ejecutivo) Class as well as First (Primera) Class buses. There are also shuttle companies but most of them only operate to the border so passengers going into Mexico will have to make other arrangements for their onward journey.

I lost my parking ticket, how do I get my car?

Not a problem. Vehicles parked in TAA facilities are inventoried nightly by license plate. The Hourly, Daily or Economy lots have cashiers in the booths at the exit gates who can assist you based on your license plate number. In the Garage, customers can use the intercom at the EasyPay machine where in many cases the charges and a ticket to exit can be produced at the machine. Some cases may require an in-person visit by a supervisor. There is no penalty fee but customers are charged the full-day’s rate based on the number of nights (plus the day you are departing) the vehicle was inventoried.

How far is it to …?

You will find mileage estimates from TUS to sites around Southern Arizona on our Visit Tucson page here. We have mileage estimates to many lodgings here.

About the Airport/Other FAQs

Are there places to stay overnight near the airport?

Yes, there are 16 lodging properties within 2 miles of the airport terminal. You will find a map and contact information here.

How much does an airline ticket cost?

The Tucson Airport Authority cannot sell airline tickets so we are not able to answer the question but you can see specific flight schedules by date and time to/from virtually any commercial airport in the world here. Once you’ve found a schedule that works for you, click on the booking icon to make reservations directly with the airline. Price comparison shoppers should check multiple airlines. There is no single public website that can sell tickets for all of the airlines at Tucson International Airport. You might also consider using a travel agent who can do the research. They usually charge a fee but it includes customer service support.

Can I get a copy of my receipt for parking?

Yes. Please call the parking management company, Ace Parking, at (520) 573-4710.

Who owns and runs Tucson International Airport?

Most of the 8,282 acres that make up Tucson International Airport is owned by the City of Tucson and operated by the Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) under a long-term lease extending to 2098. The TAA is a non-profit quasi-government corporation created by the Arizona Legislature in 1948. It does not receive any local tax dollars and has no taxing authority. Its operations are funded through revenues paid by users. In addition to Tucson International Airport, the TAA operates Ryan Airfield, a 1,876-acre general aviation reliever airport west of Tucson. Learn more about the TAA here.

I want to work at the airport, how do I find out about available jobs?

The Tucson Airport Authority posts current job openings here. Applications can be submitted online here. The TAA recruits and hires for openings within its organization, which includes positions in administration, operations, planning and development, custodial and police and fire.

Other organizations at Tucson International Airport, including the airlines, terminal concessions, car rental companies, parking, the Transportation Security Administration, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Federal Aviation Administration, do their own hiring. Information about some of those companies can be found here.

How do I do business with Tucson International Airport or Ryan Airfield?

The Tucson Airport Authority welcomes the opportunity to establish relationships with businesses interested in working at its airports. Learn more about the Tucson Airport Authority here or Ryan Airfield here.

How do I advertise my business in the terminal?

Clear Channel Airports, at 1-800-628-6800, can help you reach the highly desirable audience of travelers using Tucson International Airport via advertising on digital screens and display spaces throughout the terminal.

What makes TUS an international airport?

Tucson International Airport is a designated Port of Entry for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). All aircraft crossing into the United States over the Tucson sector are required to stop at the TUS federal inspection facilities unless confirmed arrangements have been made to do so at another airport. In 2019, CBP’s TUS office processed more than 2,000 arriving international flights and more than $1.1 billion worth of international cargo.


Who do I contact about flying my drone (Unmanned Aircraft System)?

The Tucson International Airport supports the safe operation of drones for recreational use and commercial purposes. There are many areas around the airport that are not safe to fly drones because manned aircraft operate at low altitudes. For information on the operation of drones near the airport please visit the Drone Information page here.

Where do I find the airport’s Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan?

The Tucson Airport Authority has prepared an Emergency Contingency Plan to address irregular operations such as tarmac delays. The plan is here.

What’s being done about aircraft noise?

Noise is an unavoidable side-effect of aviation. The Tucson Airport Authority is continuing to refine a program it developed in 1991 to limit the impact of aircraft noise. Information about the TAA’s noise plan is here.

Does the airport give tours?

The Tucson Airport Authority offers a monthly “Tennis Shoe” Terminal Tour and the TAA Fire Department offers tours of its facilities and equipment. The Arizona Air National Guard also offers tours. Information about the tours is here.


Does the airport have speakers for community groups?

Yes, the Tucson Airport Authority welcomes the opportunity to speak to community groups on a number of topics. To reach the TAA Speakers Bureau please call (520) 573-4835.

Does the airport have meeting rooms in the terminal that can be reserved?

Rentals of meeting rooms are temporarily suspended due to the impacts of COVID-19.

Yes. Please contact (520) 573-8100 for reservations.

The airport is misspelling Tucson by using TUS as its code. Why don’t you change it to TUC or TIA?

Unfortunately that’s not the airport’s call. Back in the 1930s when government officials decided to adapt two-letter codes used by the old Weather Bureau into three-letter designations to give them more combinations for airports, someone took the TU for Tucson and tacked on an “S”. The code is now part of the global system for identifying airports and there’s not a lot that can done about it now, especially since both TUC and TIA are being used elsewhere. If you’re coming to Tucson, just make sure your baggage is checked to TUS. If it says TUC it’s going to San Miguel de Tucumán in Argentina. If it says TIA it’s going to Tirana International Airport in Albania.

I've got an idea for the airport, where can I submit it?

We’re always looking for good ideas. Submit suggestions online here or call (520) 573-8080.

My question wasn't answered here, who can help me?

If you are in the terminal, please look for a volunteer Airport Ambassador wearing a purple vest. They can often be found in the baggage claim area. Or call (520) 573-8100 from a courtesy or mobile phone. If your question is for a future visit, please ask it here.

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