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Military Lounge

The Military Lounge at TUS is a private room for service men and women and their families flying to or from Tucson to visit and relax before or after their flight.

The TUS Military Lounge is open 24/7 to active duty and retired military members flying through Tucson International Airport (TUS). Visitors needing to access the lounge between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. will need to call 520-573-8182 to request a TAA team member to unlock the lounge. There are disinfectant wipes in the lounge to wipe down seats and countertops after they are used.

Located in Baggage Claim on the lower level of the main terminal near Baggage Carousel 4, the Military Lounge is equipped with chairs, sofas, TV, movies, microwave, coffee maker, a refrigerator and snacks. It also has access to the airport’s free WiFi and there are charging stations for electronics.

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Information for newcomers to Davis-Monthan AFB can be found here. The base is about 7 miles northeast of Tucson International Airport.

Fort Huachuca

Information for newcomers to Fort Huachuca can be found here. The post is 68 miles southeast of Tucson International Airport, next to Sierra Vista.

Ground transportation:  Information about transportation options between Tucson to/from Fort Huachuca can be found here (scroll down the chart in the middle of the page to the section labeled Southeastern Arizona). The AAFES contracted carrier is Huachuca Shuttle (520) 439-0439. Making reservations in advance of arriving at TUS are recommended to reduce wait time.

Students Attending the Following Army Reserve Military Intelligence Classes:

35F10 MOS-T 35M10 MOS-T 35F30 ALC 35L30 ALC 35N30 ALC
35G10 MOS-T 35L20 MOS-T 35G30 ALC 35M30 ALC MI SLC

Please coordinate for shuttle transportation to Fort Huachuca as directed in your welcome letter. If you have arrived after hours and cannot get shuttle service, please contact the course manager for your respective course as directed in your welcome letter.


The TUS Military Lounge is proudly operated and funded by the Tucson Airport Authority. We appreciate community donations to assist in the stocking of food and beverage within the lounge. If you are interested in making a donation, please reach out to


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