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VIP Taxi and Yellow Cab are under contract with the Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) to meet arriving flights.

The taxi pick up area is under construction. Passengers are still able to meet the taxis in the same general area but cabs will be moved to another lane during part of the construction. More information is here.

To reach the cab stand from the main terminal (A and B gates), exit Baggage Claim on the lower level and cross the first roadway to the second roadway where taxis should be to your left. From the C gates, cross the roadway and go east toward the main terminal where you will find the taxis on your left as you near the center of the parking area. If there are no taxis, please use the phone at the cab stand to have one dispatched immediately.

Under the contracts with the TAA, taxi rates are set at $5.50 to start and $2.25 per mile with a $12.00 minimum fare. There can also be a charge for traffic delays of up to $22.00 per hour. There are no additional charges for up to three passengers or normal baggage.

Mileage estimates from Tucson International Airport to selected destinations and lodgings are on the Visit Tucson page here.

Contact info for VIP Taxi and Yellow Cab (click on logo to go to website):

VIP Taxi

Phone: (520) 300-3000

Yellow Cab

Phone: (520) 300-0000

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