American and United Airlines Officially ‘Moving’ at TUS

With the ‘A Brighter TUS’ terminal renovation project in full swing, passengers will experience a new change as American and United airlines will not only move check-in counters but their flights will change concourses.

American Airlines’ check-in counters will move from the east end of the terminal to the west end of the terminal. In other words, if you’re driving and dropping off passengers, American Airlines will be the first airline you come to at the terminal. This change will be effective as of the first flights of the day beginning Tuesday, June 28.

Also effective June 28, all of American Airlines’ flights will begin departing and arriving from the B Concourse. That means flights to and from Chicago O’Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth and Los Angeles will move from the A Concourse and join with American’s departures to Phoenix, all on the same B Concourse.

United Airlines flights will also move to the A Concourse from the B Concourse on June 28.

Ultimately, United’s check-in counters will move to the east end of the terminal building once renovations to that area are completed. In the meantime, United passengers will continue to check-in at the existing counter. For those who are driving, United’s existing counter is the second one as you approach the terminal. During this temporary time, United passengers who don’t need to check baggage or get a boarding pass may be dropped off just beyond Southwest Airlines to be closer to the A Concourse entrance.

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