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Portland International Airport (PDX)

Portland International Airport, 7000 NE Airport Way, on Google Maps

About 12 miles northeast of downtown, Portland International Airport is off Interstate 205. It usually takes a solid half-hour to drive between the airport and downtown Portland.

PDX terminal layout.
(Credit: Portland International Airport.)

The floor plan layout for Portland airport’s terminal is in the shape of an H, except one leg, the B concourse, is shorter than the other three. Check-in counters and baggage claim for all airlines are on the cross bar of the H. Gates B3-B11 and C5-C23 are on the south concourses and gates D5-D15 and E2-E13 are on the north concourses.

Leaving the airport, ground transportation options are all within walking distance outside the exit from baggage claim. Cross the roadway to the first island for shuttles and buses, to the second island for app-based ride services, to the third island for taxis and beyond that are reserved car services. The rental cars facility is walking distance by following signs in baggage claim to the South Tunnel. Trimet Max/Light Rail is at the far south end of baggage claim. The Red Line departs PDX about every 15 minutes with a scheduled time to downtown Portland of 38 minutes.

To/From Tucson Connections

Alaska Airlines flights arrive and depart PDX using the B and C gates on the south concourses. Passengers can make connections to other Alaska or American airlines flights without leaving the TSA secure area. However, due to temporary construction restrictions, passengers making connections to/from other airlines must exit the secure area and be re-screened by TSA. Alaska Airlines’ check-in counters are near the south end of the central terminal.

Portland Airport website

Smell the Roses

Portland prides itself on its eclectic appeal. It was one of the first cities in the U.S. to embrace the microbrewery phenomenon and now has more than 75 craft breweries in the metro area. The City of Roses and the area surrounding it is known for its scenic beauty. The city is also known for its eco-friendly urban planning.

Information for planning a visit is available at Travel Portland.

Did You Know …?

The world’s smallest park is in Portland

(Credit: Portland Parks & Recreation)

Verified by the Guinness Book of World Records, it’s a tiny urban park consisting of 452 square inches – 0.00007205784 of an acre, according to the City of Portland – located at SW Naito Parkway and Taylor Street. It originated in the mind of Dick Fagan who wrote a column in the Oregon Journal called Mill Ends (wood scraps left over in the milling process). Fagan’s office on the second floor overlooked the roadway and a hole in the median where there was supposed to be a light pole. In the column Fagan would often write about the happenings in the space he called “the only leprechaun colony west of Ireland,” headed by one Patrick O’Toole. Fagan had a dedication for the park on St. Patrick’s Day 1948 and it became a city park on St. Patrick’s Day 1976. The park underwent a “major renovation” completed in January 2022 when the city moved it six inches to the west to accommodate Naito Parkway improvements creating a permanent two-way bikeway and sidewalk. Learn more here.

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