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Denver International Airport (DEN)

Denver Airport terminal, 8500 Peña Blvd., on Google Maps

At more than 33,500 acres, Denver International is the largest airport in the United States by land size and, at 16,000 feet, the airport has the longest runway of any commercial airport in the country. Opened February 28, 1995, the airport is about 23 miles east of downtown Denver off Interstate 70, a drive that takes 45 minutes in normal traffic.

Denver International Airport Terminal layout.
(Credit: Denver Department of Aviation)

The Denver airport terminal complex features a central building (Jeppesen Terminal) for check-in and baggage claim and three concourses, lettered A, B and C, which are reachable using an underground automated people mover, called the Automated Guideway Transit System. Concourse A is also connected to the central building via bridge walkway. Frontier, Southwest and United airlines all have major operations at the airport. Passengers can reach all airline gates on all concourses without exiting the TSA secure area by using the underground people mover.

Two major terminal construction projects are underway. One is called the Great Hall Project to renovate and expand the central Jeppesen Terminal and the other project is adding 39 airline gates across all three of the airport’s concourses. Phase 1 of the Great Hall Project modernizing airline check-in counter facilities has been completed. The second phase to install more efficient and effective security checkpoints is under construction and expected to be finished in mid-2024. The third and final phase, a $1.3 billion project to build out the central terminal for 100 million passengers, is expected to start at the end of 2022 and be fully completed by summer 2028. The  $2.3 billion gate project has added four gates on Concourse B for United Airlines and 16 gates on Concourse C for Southwest Airlines. Another 12 new gates on Concourse A and seven gates on Concourse B are under construction and due to open by the end of October 2022.

Ground transportation from the Denver airport includes app-based ride services, taxis, shuttles and car services, which are all located outside level 5 (baggage claim level). This includes car rental companies which each use their own branded shuttles to take customers between the terminal and their facilities on airport property.

Denver’s Regional Transit District offers train service between the airport and Union Station downtown where passengers can connect to other services, including light rail and local and regional buses to reach destinations throughout the metro area. Called the A Line, the train between the airport and Union Station has six stops and is scheduled for 37 minutes. To reach the train stop at the airport follow the signs to the Transit Center on level 5 (baggage claim level) then proceed to the south exit and take the escalator in the center of the plaza down to level 1.

To/From Tucson Connections

Southwest Airlines flights arrive and depart Denver at gates on the C Concourse. Passengers connecting to other Southwest flights stay on the same concourse and do not exit the TSA secure area. Southwest’s check-in counters and baggage claim are in the Main Terminal’s East side.

United Airlines flights arrive and depart Denver at gates on the A and B concourses. Passengers can connect to other United flights without exiting the TSA secure area. Use the underground Automated Guideway Transit System to go between the A and B concourses. United’s check-in counters and baggage claim are in the Main Terminal’s West side.

Denver Airport website

Visit the Mile High City

Embracing its cowboy and mining past and mixing it with a forward-looking attitude, the Denver metropolitan area of nearly 3 million people is the hub of the spectacular Rocky Mountain region for skiing as well as year-round outdoor activities.

Get trip planning ideas at Visit Denver.

Did You Know …?

There is a spot in Denver where you can stand at exactly one mile high

The 13th step of the west side entrance to the Colorado State Capitol is at an elevation of exactly 5,280 feet. While you are there, look up at the dome, plated with 200 ounces of 24-karat gold leaf. Step inside and you will see what is believed to be the entire known supply of Colorado Rose Onyx, a rare marble that came from a quarry near Beulah in the south central part of the state. Learn more about Colorado’s State Capitol here.

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