Tucson Airport Authority Police Department Adds EOD Robots to the Force

The Tucson Airport Authority Police Department (TAAPD) has acquired two Explosive Ordnance Disposal robots through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), which connects civilian law enforcement operations across the nation with their counterparts in the United States Armed Forces.

Police Chief Scott Bader outlined the importance of having this equipment available to the department in his request to the DLA. Already a member of the Pima Regional Bomb Squad, with three certified Explosive Detection Canine Teams and an EOD Specialist, TAAPD is now prepared to manage any potential threats that previously required outside support.

“The acquisition of these assets provides the TAAPD with the capability to rapidly deploy the EOD robots in the event they are required. These robots reinforce our preparedness to protect the airport and the traveling public, and support our primary mission to ensure aviation safety and security,” said Police Chief Scott Bader.

The department already has a certified operator, who also supports the Pima Regional Bomb Squad. Other officers will be trained in basic operation as well. Travelers through TUS should not expect to see the robots in training. This technology will only be deployed around the public when a real-world situation calls for it.

Together, the two robots and their corresponding laptops are valued at approximately $200,000. TAAPD acquired them for less than $4,000. The department has taken advantage of DLA programs in the past to acquire various items at a low cost.