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Ground Transportation

For Providers

Hotels, transportation services and other commercial vehicles picking up passengers at Tucson International Airport (TUS) are required to have a permit from the Tucson Airport Authority. Proximity permit cards allow the driver of a vehicle to access the area  where passengers can be picked up. This page offers information on how to apply and maintain a permit.

Effective February 1, 2019, the following charges will be applied for each time a provider accesses the TUS commercial Ground Transportation (GT) roadway, evidenced by use of the provider’s TAA-issued proximity card to raise the GT roadway gate arm. Each use of the gate arm will generate a timestamped record of activity in the computerized TUS GT system. At the beginning of each month, the previous month’s activity will be downloaded from the TUS GT system. The total count of gate arm activations for each individual provider will be billed in arrears based on  the vehicle information given to TAA by the provider at the following rates:

  • 1-8 Passenger Vehicle: $3.00 per gate arm use
  • 9-23 Passenger Vehicle: $4.00 per gate arm use
  • 24+ Passenger Vehicle: $8.00 per gate arm use

If a provider’s proximity arm card is lost, stolen, or otherwise not in the driver’s possession at the time of desired entry to the commercial GT roadway to pick up passengers/conduct commercial business, and if the driver is in possession of a valid credit card to pay the fee at the time of entry to the commercial lane, the following rates will be charged:

  • 1-8 Passenger Vehicle: $30.00
  • 9–-23 Passenger Vehicle: $40.00
  • 24+ Passenger Vehicle: $60.00

These fees will be paid to a TUS Public Service Officer (PSO) and include both the entry fee and a new gate arm card to be provided by the GT Office at a later date. Providers will be given a receipt and temporary vehicle permit that allows access through the gate arm for up to two (2) business days after first entry. Holes will be punched in the temporary permit by a PSO to indicate each subsequent entry into the GT roadway for the vehicle indicated on said permit. Gate arm cards will be ready and available for pickup within those two (2) business days at the front desk of the 3rd floor TAA Administration Offices in the main terminal.

If the provider does not have an access card but access to the GT roadway is given to the provider by TAA, it is expected that the provider will wait for the arrival of a PSO and pay the appropriate fees. An additional fee of $150.00 will be assessed if prior to contact with the PSO a provider picks up their customer(s) and leaves the commercial roadway or if a provider contacts a PSO, fails to pay the appropriate fee, and leaves the commercial roadway.

The following are fees associated with obtaining and maintaining gate arm proximity cards for access to the GT roadway. These are one-time charges to be billed in arrears. Each vehicle accessing the GT roadway must have its own access card. If a card is needed, either by an existing provider or a new provider, please complete the ‘Vehicle List Certification Form’ below.

  • New Card Fee: $25.00
  • Card Reassignment Fee: $15.00

Please know that ground service drivers are not permitted to solicit riders anywhere on airport grounds.

To obtain a permit, information on the following forms must be provided to the Tucson Airport Authority’s Ground Transportation office and kept current. Please note the Certificate of Insurance form requires additional insured endorsements, which can be different depending on the insurance carrier. Examples of how the form should be filled out and endorsement forms are here.

Information for ground service providers at Tucson International Airport:

Please send completed forms to the Tucson Airport Authority Ground Transportation Office, 7250 S. Tucson Blvd., Suite 300, Tucson, AZ 85756. If you have any questions or need more information, contact Ground Transportation Coordinator Peter Kane by email here.

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