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Airport Badging

The Tucson Airport Authority Airport Security Office (ASO) is responsible for issuing airport identification badges to employees, tenants and sub-tenants of the Tucson International Airport (TUS) who require unescorted access to restricted, secured, sterile or airport operational areas.

Badge issuance is limited to those who are employed or sponsored by a tenant of TUS; have a frequent and reoccurring need for access; and have cleared the FBI-based Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) and Security Threat Assessment (STA). The ASO will collaborate with TUS Airside Operations regarding those applicants who as a function of their employment and as certified by their employer require driving approval on the airside of TUS.

TAA Airport Security Office (ASO)

A Work Authorization and Badge Application form must be completed to begin the process to be issued a badge at Tucson International Airport (TUS). Badges with airside driving endorsements will have specific expiration dates dependent upon the level of their driving endorsement. Appointments are required for obtaining new badges and renewing expiring badges. The ASO is responsible for collaborating with the applicant and/or employer to schedule these appointments. Questions may be directed to the Airport Security Office at (520) 573-8156 or




In response to the continued COVID-19 pandemic and in response to public health guidelines the TUS ASO is open by appointment only. Any renewed ID media or new ID media issued will require a new Work Authorization form to be completed by the applicants Authorized Signatory.  Badge Application forms for new applicants can be completed with an Authorized Signatory or coordinated to be completed in the ASO if needed.

  • Location: Immediately west of the center stairs in Baggage Claim on the lower level (first floor) of the main terminal.
  • Hours: Open by appointment, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Mondays-Fridays, except holidays
  • Phone: (520) 573-8156 during office hours; (520) 573-8182 after hours
  • Email:

Badging Fees

Badging fees are based on the actual costs of background and security threat assessment clearances. Cost for a new badge is $77.00 which includes the one-time RAP Back Program fee.  Costs to renew a badge for a RAP Back participant is $40.00.  Any person renewing a badge who is not enrolled in the RAP Back Program will incur a badge fee of $77.00.

RAP Back

The Tucson Airport Authority continues to participate in the RAP Back program for badged individuals (not all employees) at TUS.

Run by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), RAP Back provides an additional element to the background checks required of anyone who is authorized to have unescorted access to secured areas of TUS.

The name is derived from:

Record of
Arrest and

The program provides the TUS ASO with on-going status notifications of criminal history information changes for individuals who have submitted fingerprints as part of a Criminal History Records Check (CHRC), which is required to receive an access badge at TUS.  One of the benefits of the program is that badge holders are no longer required to return to the ASO to re-submit fingerprints for updated vetting every two (2) years and at the same time, it improves security. RAP Back does not eliminate the need for an expiration date on the badge. Answers to some FAQs are below.


Are all TUS employees required to participate in RAP Back?

Yes. All TUS badge holders as well as new applicants are required to participate.

Are new work authorization forms required for RAP Back?

Yes. All TUS badge holders are required to submit new work authorization forms and applications when enrolling into the program. These forms are provided by the badge holder’s authorized signatory.

Can work authorization forms be provided to the ASO prior to actual enrollment?

Yes. The authorized signatory may provide the TUS ASO with the required form up to 30 days prior to an applicant coming into the ASO.

How are badge fees determined?

TUS badge fees are based solely on the cost of card stock, printing costs, labor, fees charged to participate in RAP Back, and the costs charged to the TAA for a Criminal History Records Check and Security Threat Assessment.

Do badge holders still have to renew their badges under RAP Back?

Yes. Although RAP Back continually monitors badge holders, the Transportation Security Administration requires an expiration date so that badges can be accounted for, validated and employment status can be confirmed. Renewals require a new work authorization form and updated contact information. There is no need to re-submit fingerprints for review. There is a renewal fee.

Under RAP Back, will a person’s badge automatically be suspended or revoked if criminal activity is discovered?

RAP Back provides notice to TUS regarding new criminal activity that includes documented interactions with any law enforcement agency or court where a person’s fingerprints are submitted. Once TUS receives notice of the interaction, the circumstances will be immediately evaluated by the Airport Security Coordinator. Any badge suspension or revocation will follow TSA regulations regarding disqualifiers outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). In cases where a person’s access is suspended while a disposition is being determined, the badge holder cannot be allowed or escorted into a secured or Air Operations Areas (AOA).

Should a badge be suspended or revoked due to criminal activity, the type of criminal activity, cannot be shared with the badge holder’s employer. Disqualifying convictions are outlined in the TUS badge application.

If I leave my job and then later get a new one with the same or a different company, do I have to go through the whole process again?

Yes. Once a badge holder ends employment, that person is un-subscribed to the RAP Back program. To obtain a badge in the future an employee must be re-subscribed and pay the associated fees. RAP Back does allow for a short grace period during which a person can re-subscribe without a subscription fee but actual badging fees and processes may still be assessed. It remains the responsibility of the badge signatory to notify the TUS ASO immediately during business hours or the TUS Airport Communications Center during non-business hours so the badge holder’s access can be deactivated. The badge must be surrendered to the ASO during normal business hours or an on-duty Tucson Airport Authority Police Department (TAAPD) officer during non-business hours.

Who may I contact with any additional questions?

Please contact the TUS ASO at (520) 573-8156 or

What happens if I don’t renew my ID media before it expires?

Your ID media will not function and any associated driving endorsement will also cease to be valid.

What do I need to obtain an ID media for the first time?

Your signatory will complete a Work Authorization Form to submit to the ASO. Once the Work Authorization Form is received by the ASO, the ASO in collaboration with you or your signatory will schedule an appointment to complete the badging process and provide your two forms of ID.  You will not be scheduled for any processing until a completed Work Authorization Form is received by the ASO.  If you require a movement driving area endorsement, additional approvals by TUS Airside OPS will be required in addition to providing proof of a valid driver’s license at your ASO appointment prior to any training.

What is the process to obtain a first time ID media?

  1. Obtaining an ID media for the first time involves the following steps.
  2. Your employer will facilitate completion of a Work Authorization Form and forward to the ASO.
  3. Your employer may help facilitate the ID media application and ensure all information is correct.
  4. Your employer will verify your two pieces of required ID.
  5. An appointment to submit fingerprints and a photo will be made.
    • If you required a movement or non-movement area driving endorsement, TUS Airside OPS must approve the authorization for any movement area driving and you will be required submit a 39-month Motor Vehicle Division Record (MVR) to the ASO with your driver’s license. Only after your background clearances are received will you be scheduled for any video training or training by Airside OPS. (The ASO will facilitate this).
  6. Upon successful completion of the videos the ASO will complete the process and manufacture your badge and coordinate its issue to you with your signatory (new applicants only).
  7. Certain aircraft maintenance personnel require a “Taxi” endorsement which is considered movement area endorsement.

How soon can I renew my ID media?

You may renew your ID media a maximum of 60 calendar days prior to the expiration date indicated on your ID media if it has a non-movement or no driving endorsement. If you have a movement area endorsement you must renew your ID in the calendar month it expires.  Movement area endorsed ID media expire annually.  Your movement area training with Airside Operations MUST occur during the month of your badge expiration.

What are the forms of ID accepted?

Forms of ID are U.S. passport; Social Security card, valid state driver’s license or birth certificate. A current driver’s license and 39-month driving record is required to be presented if a request to drive on the AOA is made.  Please consult applicable FAQs within the TUS Driving Rules and Regulations.  If you were born outside the USA you will be required to present other documents as directed by the ASO staff.

What do I do if I lose my ID media and/or issued key?

You must report the loss as soon as possible to the ASO during regular business hours and to the ACC outside of ASO regular business hours so the ID media can be deactivated, and a police report can be taken for the ID media and/or key.

Is there a fee to replace a lost ID media?

Yes. The ASO maintains current badging fees.

Is there a maximum number of how many people I can escort?

No, however, you must maintain complete control over all persons being escorted at all times.

Does each person need to swipe their ID media when entering a public area?

No, but the person that swiped their ID media must ensure the door secures. Each person DOES have to swipe when entering the Secured Area or Sterile Area from the public area.

What do I do when a door alarms?

When this occurs, follow the directions provided in our security training video. Never leave an alarming door unattended.

What do I do if a door does not close properly or continues to alarm?

DO NOT leave the door – call the ACC, (520)-573-8182 and wait for a police officer.

Can I loan my key and TUS ID media to anyone?

No. Keys and ID media are not transferable.

Can I escort someone that forgot their ID media if it’s the same access level as mine?

No. Once someone has been issued a valid ID media, they cannot be escorted by an ID media holder with the same level of access.

If I forgot my ID media, can I be issued a temporary ID media?

No. Temporary ID media are only issued to outside-agency law enforcement personnel.

Can I let another employee through a door if their ID media does not give them access?

No. The employee without access must find another way to enter where their ID media is vetted.

Does my ID media have to be displayed if I work at a restaurant on the concourse?

Yes/No. While it is not a Federal regulation to have it displayed, the TUS ASP requires an ID media to be displayed when in any SIDA/Secured area. Possession and reasonable display of your ID media is encouraged in the Sterile area.

Are all employees allowed to bypass the Security Checkpoint when on duty?

No. Only SIDA/All Area Access ID media holders can bypass.

Can I bypass the Security Checkpoint if I am flying out?

No. You must go through the Security Checkpoint, show your boarding pass and be screened.

If I am flying out, can I use my ID media as my boarding pass or identification at the Security Checkpoint?

No. You must have a boarding pass and the required government-issued photo ID.

Can a person with an ID media escort someone without an ID media into the Sterile Area to eat or shop?

Yes. Only a SIDA ID media holder with escort privileges who does not have to go through screening can escort into the Sterile Area.

If a jet bridge door is open, are you required to swipe your ID media to enter and exit the jet bridge door?

No, it is not required. However, under airline regulations you may not be authorized to enter. Check with an airline agent assigned to the gate if access is needed. If you find a jet bridge door open and not attended you should check the area and notify airport security before leaving.

Do I have to show my ID media if I am challenged?

Yes. You are required to show your ID media.

What do I do if I see someone on the airfield without an ID media?

1. Challenge them.  Ask them for their ID media and remind them they must wear and display their ID media above the waist and on the outermost garment.

2.  If they do not have ID media, escort them out of the airfield, maintain control of the person if safe to do so and call airport police and wait until an officer arrives.

3. If you feel uncomfortable – call 9-1-1 while you keep visual contact with the individual or call the ACC at (520) 573-8182 and advise them of the situation and ask that a police officer respond. Keep the ACC updated on your location and status, providing information they ask for in order to facilitate the response of a police officer.

Will points be assessed if I fail to call for clearance of vehicles/persons at a Secured Area Gate when escorting a vehicle or individuals not a TUS badge holder? 

Yes. It is your responsibility to call for clearance and have the vehicle inspected and the person cleared.

Can an employer retain an ID media while an employee is under some type of restriction that prevents them for performing their job?

No. The employer must immediately notify the ACC or the ASO and surrender the ID media to a police officer or the ASO. The employee may not be escorted during this time.

What do I do if my job requires me to drive on the airfield?

Your signatory must indicate the type of area needed, movement, taxi or non-movement, on the Work Authorization Form. Final authorization, training and evaluation for movement area (including taxi) applicants are the responsibility of TUS Airside Operations who will coordinate training and driving evaluations.

What do I do after completing my driver’s training?

Airside Operations will approve, deny or continue your training and orientation based upon the level of authorization requested and advise the ASO. The ASO will place a driving authorization icon on you ID media when authorized by Airside Operations.

Do I need to update my driver’s training?

Yes. Movement area training is renewed annually, while non-movement is renewed every two-years. You may receive notification from your authorized signatory of an upcoming expiration.  However, it is up to you to follow through for renewals before expirations.

Will my security ID media issue be delayed due to getting my driver’s training endorsement?

No. However, if you let your ID media expire, you may incur additional delays as you will have to be issued a badge as if it was your very first one.

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