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Tucson International Airport (TUS) is an economic engine, with an estimated 17,000 people employed on TUS property, generating a payroll of $800 million. At least another 10,000 people work in the area around the airport. Ryan Airfield (RYN) serves a similar role in a fast-growing suburban area 10 miles southwest of Tucson.

Many different types of opportunities are available for doing business with the Tucson Airport Authority (TAA). Procurement of a tremendous variety of products and services are necessary to support 24/7 airport operations, from major construction projects to maintenance and office supplies. Many passenger-related concession and ground transportation businesses also operate at TUS. With over 8,000 acres of property, land and facility leases are available for both aviation and non-aviation related uses, on-airport and off-airport, supporting either airport operations or the general public in and around TUS and RYN.

Business Opportunities


Tucson Airport Authority allows advertising and/or brochure display in the terminal area in approved locations.

To advertise business on LCD screens throughout the terminal, or on the Digital Passenger Assistance Service System (DPASS) adjacent to the terminal exits in bag claim, please contact:

Clear Channel Advertising
(800) 628-6800

To advertise a business via brochure display in bag claim or in the rental car facility, please contact:

The Information Centre
(520) 290-9191

For any other questions regarding advertising at the airport,please contact:

Barbara Hempel, Director of Properties
(520) 573-4819

TUS Air Cargo

Tucson International Airport’s (TUS) status as a designated U.S. Port of Entry with 24-hour Customs and Immigration services combined with its close proximity to I-10 and I-19 leading to Nogales, Mexico puts TUS in a key position to grow cargo operations. Land is available for airside industrial development. Tucson International Airport is a designated free trade zone.

For more on land availability and industrial development contact:

Barbara Hempel
Director of Properties
(520) 573-4819


The Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) has a variety of concession opportunities throughout the terminal area including but not limited to food and beverage, retail shops, rental cars, advertising, brochures, luggage carts, ATM’s, shoeshine, and pay phones. Concession services and other services to the public are procured in a manner deemed most appropriate, which, based on the circumstances, may include direct selection, informal or formal proposals, or competitive processes. Contract awards are based on an appropriate combination of experience, qualifications, investment in facilities, and payments to TAA. Procurements for concession services are accomplished in a manner that is most advantageous to TAA.

For questions regarding a specific concession opportunity contact:

Barbara Hempel
Director of Properties
(520) 573-4819

Construction and Professional Services

Tucson Airport Authority invites all interested parties to register to be included on TAA’s interest list for notification of future construction and professional service opportunities at Tucson International Airport and Ryan Airfield.

Construction and professional services are purchased pursuant to the guides outlined under Arizona Revised Statues, Title 34. Additional guidelines may apply dependent upon various funding services.


Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) invites all interested and qualified parties to register as a potential vendor for the procurement of goods and services that may be purchased periodically for the maintenance and operation of Tucson International Airport (TUS) and Ryan Airfield (RYN).

The TAA Procurement Department is responsible for competitively soliciting goods and services at reasonable costs consistent with the quality needed for the operation and maintenance of its departments. All procurement procedures shall be conducted in a fair and impartial manner; all qualified vendors will have access to public business and no offer will be excluded.

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