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Tenant Improvement Application

Tenants at Tucson International Airport (TUS) or Ryan Airfield (RYN) planning to make alterations or changes to facilities are required to coordinate their plans with the Tucson Airport Authority. Use the form below to submit necessary information for approval and coordination.

This is a summary of how the tenant improvement process works:

  • Tenant must submit a completed application along with supporting documents to the TAA Tenant Improvement Review Panel (TIRP) for review.
  • Upon acceptance of application, an Approval in Concept and a TAA Tenant Improvement Permit Number will be issued.
  • If required to complete the review, Tenant must submit Construction documents, as well as all other requested information to the TIRP for review.
  • Upon final acceptance of design, a Notice to Proceed (NTP) will be issued for the project.
  • Tenant/Contractor must comply with the TAA Tenant Improvement Guidelines/Ground Rules for Construction and by signing this application acknowledges that they have read both
    documents and understand the requirements by TAA prior to a Notice to Proceed (NTP) being issued.
  • Contractor must obtain and provide TAA-TIRP with copies of all City, County, Regional, State and Federal required permits prior to starting work.
  • If required, Tenant and Contractor must attend a pre-construction meeting prior to starting
    work. Tenant must contact the TAA-TIRP assigned Project Manager to schedule the meeting.
  • A TAA Issued Notice to Proceed (NTP) shall be issued upon compliance with the above conditions of approval and any additional TIRP requirements.

Work is not authorized without a TAA issued Notice to Proceed (NTP)

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