TAA Fire Department Adds First Aid Kits to #StopTheBleed

In a nationwide campaign by the Department of Homeland Security to raise awareness about preventing death from blood loss in emergency situations, the Tucson Airport Authority Fire Department has recently installed four first aid kits to its jurisdiction to “Stop the Bleed.”

TAAFD has added these kits to three of its 11 AED cabinets in the main terminal. These can be found at the center of the first level, second level and third level. One is also located at TAA’s field maintenance building. The kits consist of a pressure bandage, tourniquet, and assorted soft goods. They are intended for massive hemorrhage and not for Band-Aids. All kits include instructions for those who are unaware as to how to use it.

The basic premise is to compress the area where the bleeding is coming and apply pressure with bandages or clothing. The tourniquet should be used if the bleeding does not stop.

“Stop the Bleed” is meant to empower individuals to act quickly to save lives. A person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within five minutes, making the bystander an important part of the life-saving process when emergency responders are on their way.