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Baggage A

Work by: Timothy Archibald, Sue Betanzos, Johna Cronk, Judith D’Agostino, John Davis, Elizabeth Frank, Linda Fry-Poverman, Lynn O’Brien, Brenda Semanick-Locascio, Joyce Septimus, Barbara Smith, and Nancy Tokar-Miller

Unzipped, John Davis, Sculpture
Skinny Angel
Skinny Angel, Elizabeth Frank, Mixed media
On The Ground I
On The Ground I, Linda Fry-Poverman, Vandyke, Prismacolor
Flying Lessons
Flying Lessons, Lynn O'Brien, Mixed media
Las Cuatro Esquinas
Las Cuatro Esquinas, Brenda Semanick-Locascio, Watercolor
Corner Market
Corner Market, Brenda Semanick-Locascio, Watercolor
Lolliepop, Joyce Septimus, Mixed media
Change in the Weather
Change in the Weather, Barbara Smith, Watercolor
"> Summer Pond
Nancy Tokar Miller, 48"x60" acrylic on canvas
UA Softball,
UA Softball, Timothy Archibald, Photograph
Foley Soul Queen
Foley Soul Queen, Timothy Archibald, Photograph
Father and Son
Father and Son, Timothy Archibald, Photograph
Coyote & Blue Bird, Sue Betanzos, mixed media mosaic mural
Blue Coyote & Blue Bird, Sue Betanzos, mixed media mosaic mutal
Johna Cronk's Shard, Mixed Media
Johna Cronk's Leaf
Borderlands #34
Borderlands #34, Judith D'Agostino

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Tucson International Airport
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