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TUS Ground Transportation

As passengers’ journey to get to and from the airport continues to evolve, the Tucson Airport Authority has put all ground transportation services in one central location at Tucson International Airport (TUS).

As of March 2021, app-rides, taxis, shuttles, car and limousine services, and Sun Tran meet their passengers on the commercial roadways in front of the terminal.

Taxis, car services, limousines and parking, hotel and regional shuttles meet clients in the same general area as before but specific location for pick-ups may have changed (see illustration below).

Lyft and Uber drivers reach the location from the staging area by taking the same general route but now when you turn right off Airport Drive to go toward the terminal, go the far left lane to enter the commercial roadway then stay to your right (do not go through the gate arm) for the designated pick-up area. Lyft and Uber drivers no longer pick up passengers at the Rental Car Center.

Signage inside the terminal directs passengers to the locations.

New Ground Transportation Pick-up Locations

Effective March 17, 2021

The commercial roadway is divided.

Proximity card holders stay to the left to go through the gate arm. This applies to:

  • Taxis
  • Shuttles for off-airport parking, hotels and regional reserved van services
  • Car and limousine services

Providers tracked via GPS stay to the right. This applies to:

  • Lyft and Uber
  • TAA Economy Parking shuttle
  • Sun Tran

Questions that have been raised

Why is the airport doing this?

It benefits passengers and providers by combining all ground transportation in one general area instead of being scattered at three different locations. It also makes better use of space due to changes in the kinds of services being provided.

  1. Shuttles and executive car services no longer use space along the commercial roadways for on-demand services.
  2. The roadway in front of the terminal was becoming more congested and this removes Lyft, Uber and Sun Tran from that congestion.

I drive for Uber, how will my passengers know where to go?

Both Lyft and Uber say they will make adjustments on their aps to advise passengers of the change. The airport is also installing signage directing passengers to the new location. Updated information is also being provided on the Tucson International Airport website here.

Will the staging areas change?

No. The staging areas for taxis and Lyft and Uber will remain the same.

What happens if I go through the commercial lane but there are no spots and I have to go out again?

This shouldn’t happen often but when it does, please send an email with the date and time to Wendy Shepherd to ensure a billing adjustment is made.

What happens if I need to have multiple limousines or coach buses pick up large groups of at the same time?

The TAA will coordinate with providers prior to large volume pick-ups. Pick-ups outside of business hours will require additional coordination.

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