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TUS Ground Transportation

Passengers’ journey to get to and from the airport is continuing to evolve and the Tucson Airport Authority is proposing some exciting changes that will put all ground transportation services in one central location at Tucson International Airport (TUS).

This will benefit arriving travelers who will now exit the terminal from the same doors no matter what mode of transportation they’ve selected. We also hope it helps providers who no longer will have to waste time dealing with confusion from their clients.

The new plan combines all services – shuttles, car services, taxis, app-rides and Sun Tran – on to the two commercial roadways in front of the terminal.

Most, if not all, ground transportation providers at TUS are already aware of these plans but we want to have one last series of meetings to provide details and respond to questions. The meetings will be done remotely with Webex and we’re grouping like companies together so we discuss specifics of the changes that will apply to each group. Please watch for your meeting invite. If you have not received an invitation, please email here: Wendy Shepherd.

Please read below if you would like to review the proposed plans.

Current Layout


As modes of ground transportation have evolved, the existing layout has become inefficient providing unused room for services that have changed and some that no longer exist. More importantly it adds confusion for arriving passengers because some services are located elsewhere. That requires customers who are tired after a trip to immediately determine whether they must leave the terminal out the central doors, or the east doors or the west doors. It also added to sign “clutter” in the terminal to point out the differences.

Proposed Layout

The proposed layout makes room for all ground transportation options on the commercial roadway. For most providers the changes, if any, are only a matter of a few feet. The two most significant moves will be made by app-ride services (Lyft and Uber), which will move from the curb outside the Car Rental Center, and the city’s Sun Tran bus stops, which move from the upper level west exit. What may be the best benefit of all is that signage in the terminal will point one direction to find all ground transportation. Once passengers get to the commercial roadways there will be directional signs point the way to the various modes of ground transportation.

Questions that have been raised

What happens if I go through the commercial lane but there are no spots and I have to go out again?

If a provider must re-enter the lane, they may contact TAA with the date and time to ensure a billing adjustment is made.

What happens if I need to have multiple limousines or coach buses pick up large groups of at the same time?

The TAA will coordinate with providers prior to large volume pick-ups. Pick-ups outside of business hours will require additional coordination.

Ask Your Question About Ground Transportation

Use this form if you have a question about the changes planned to move all ground transportation to one central location.

Next Steps

  • Issue a Notice to Proceed
  • Construction Start in early October
  • Expected to take 2 weeks for roadway modifications
  • Expected to take 3 weeks for installation of IT components

Advisories to be issued week prior to start.

Ideally, completion by Thanksgiving

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