Tucson Airport Authority Vice President and General Counsel Earns Coveted Accreditation

Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) is proud to celebrate the recent accreditation of Vice President and General Counsel Chris Schmaltz. One of the hallmarks of the airport management industry is the Accredited Airport Executive (A.A.E.) credential. Schmaltz earned the distinction on Friday, June 30, 2023, after a successful interview panel composed of members of the American Association of Airport Executives’ (AAAE) Board of Examiners.

“Earning the credential is challenging and requires the discipline to study, understand, and communicate a wide body of aviation and airport management knowledge,” said TAA President and CEO Danette Bewley. “The panel complimented Chris for his level of preparation and his commitment to the profession.”

The accreditation process involves testing, written requirements, and a final interview. Less than 10% of airport executives worldwide have completed the work to earn this distinction. Schmaltz joins Bewley and Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Bruce Goetz as the third TAA executive with the A.A.E. credential.

Schmaltz joined the TAA in 2015 as Associate General Counsel. He now serves as a valued member of the organization’s Executive Team and leads the Legal, Procurement, and Office, Records and Warehouse departments.

His interview panel of airport executives included the past-Chair of the Board of Examiners, Cyrus Callum, A.A.E. (Daytona Beach, FL), the present Chair of the Board of Examiners, Casey Denny, A.A.E (Columbus, OH), and Regional Examiner, Rosalyn Bond, A.A.E. (San Jose, CA).