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Requesting Public Records

Any member of the public requesting public records from the Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) must first understand there are fees associated with processing the request. Those fees vary depending on the size of the request and the form in which the records are requested. They are as follows:

  • Email – Free if already electronic; $0.10 per image if created from paper copy
  • Copies – $0.10 each or $0.25 each in color
  • Oversized Copies – 11×17 or larger $1.00 each
  • Flash Drive – Cost of flash drive + postage
  • Audio or Video files – $5.00 + postage

Accepted forms of payment are check, money order, or credit. Anyone wishing to pay with credit card should call 520-573-4858. Any questions about the form below should be emailed to

Public Records Request

"*" indicates required fields

The Tucson Airport Authority strives to respond to all requests promptly, however, a minimum of seventy-two (72) hours is requested to retrieve and review the requested information. The requester will be notified should additional time be necessary to retrieve records.
Purpose of request (Please check the appropriate box)
Please note that there are penalties associated with either using public records or allowing them to be used for a commercial purpose without declaring such intent on this request. *In accordance with A.R.S. § 39-121.03 A - D a person requesting records for a commercial purpose must specify the commercial purpose for which the documents being requested will be used. Commercial purpose does not mean the use of a public record as evidence or as research for evidence in an action in any judicial or quasi-judicial body. Please check appropriate box.
Commercial Purpose
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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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