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Arts and Culture

The Tucson International Airport Arts and Culture Program consists of a permanent collection, rotating exhibits, and a performing arts program, Live at TIA!

Permanent Collection

In 1987 the Tucson Airport Authority Board of Directors made a commitment to acquire art for the airport. Now more than 100 original works of art by artists living in Tucson's air service trade area,  which includes Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz, and Cochise counties and northern Sonora, Mexico, are represented in the collection.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Tucson Airport Authority, several site specific works were selected for the terminal. A guide to the TIA permanent art collection is available at the Airport Information counters inside the lower level entrances to the terminal.


Temporary exhibits by regional artists are featured in galleries located throughout the airport's passenger terminal. Currently showing:

New in the airport's Upper Link Gallery, transparent and opaque enamels & "jewels" on burnished copper tiles by local artists Cynthia Miller and abstract painitntgs from Ashley Coll 's Southwest Collection, near American Airlines ticket counter through February.

Entanglement, and other large format paintings by David Andres are now on display in the center gallery. These select pieces are from a large series that explore the visual imagery of costal marine flora and fauna, netting and entanglement. Through scuba diving and underwater photography, Andres obtains imagery that he draw upon to produce his paintings that abstractly suggests the aquatic plant and animal life living in the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Coastal habitats.

Jonathan Bell's paintings are representational, with a surreal twist. Sometime his subjects include dreamlike entities, sometimes the subjects float or fly furiously around in the composition, and sometimes the two are combined. On display near security checkpoint B through February.

Diane Fairfield exhibits a series of paintings along concourse B through February.

In honor of our Veterans, a new photographic exhibit titled, "Remembering Veterans of All Ages," is on display outside the military liaison office (MLO) on the lower level near Southwest Airlines bag belt #5. These images were taken by commercial photographer Arthur Samuel Mole and his partner John D. Thomas. Mole was famous for this series of "living photographs" made during World War I in which tens of thousands of soldiers, reservists and other members of the military were arranged to form massive compositions.

The ten images on display are the ones most famous from this period and have been provided by Jerry McDermott, whose father worked with Mole back in Chicago. The show is a "must see" and includes images of President Woodrow Wilson, a Navy Anchor, and the Statue of Liberty. The Human U.S. Shield required the placement of 30,000 people; The Liberty Bell 25,000.

Art Inspirations, is a series of photographs by Donald Knight that inspired seven local artists; Barbara Amyx, Pam Cheeseman, Jennifer Clark, Judy Constantine, Sylvia Herrera, Scarlett Taylor, and Deanna Thibault to paint and create a series of work that is on display in the airport's Lower Link Gallery located between American Airlines baggage belt #7 and the moving sidewalk that takes passengers to the rental car facility through March.  

In the ARTport, TIA's employee art gallery, there are paintings and drawings by Mary-Katherine Stillwell along with photographs by her daughter Autumn Stillwell and a series of comic strip panels by Tom Burton.

2016 Exhibits Calendar

Program Criteria and Form

Live at TIA! Performing Arts Programs are also featured throughout the year. Local performers entertain in TIA's Welcome Lounges on the lower level of the terminal. Click here for program criteria and application form or email for more information about any of the Arts & Culture programs.