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The Tucson Airport Authority offers more than 7,500 parking spaces in six different venues. This parking map shows the locations for the options.

  • Hourly: 447 spaces directly in front of the terminal. Rates: $1 per 30 minutes to a maximum of $12 per day.
  • Daily: 918 spaces (750 of which are under solar canopies) adjacent to the Hourly lot in front of the terminal. Rates: $1 per 30 minutes for the first hour, then $1.50 per hour up to a maximum of $9 per day.
  • Garage: 605 spaces adjacent to Car Rental Building east of the terminal. Enter from Los Reales Road (Country Club Road) or follow the signs from the terminal departure level. Rates: $3 per hour up to a maximum of $9 per day.
  • Economy: 5,342 spaces with complimentary courtesy shuttle, off Corona Road, east of the entrance to terminal area. Rates: $4 per day.
  • Economy Covered: 303 spaces with complimentary courtesy shuttle immediately east of Economy Lot on Corona Road. Rates: $5 per day.
  • Cell Phone Waiting Lot: 28 spaces, off Airport Drive immediately west of the approach to the Terminal Building. Rates: Free so long as driver remains with vehicle while waiting for arriving passengers.


EasyPay automated devices offer customers two options to pay for parking using debit and credit cards for faster exiting. A ticketless choice asks customers to insert a credit or debit card at the entrance gate and then use the same card at the exit gate where they will receive a receipt. Customers who choose to take a ticket can still pay by credit or debit card at an EasyPay station located outside the baggage claim area or near the elevators inside the parking garage. Either way, customers can use automated exit gates from the parking lots. EasyPay stations accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

The exit gates of the Hourly, Daily and Economy lots are also staffed with cashiers for customers who prefer to pay cash.