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Chief People Officer

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Under minimal supervision and administrative direction, the Chief People Officer (CPO) has the primary responsibility to be a strategic partner to the TAA President/CEO and Executive Team (ET), and lead transformational culture change at the Tucson Airport Authority (TAA). The CPO is responsible for influencing organization leadership, management and individual contributors in a cultural shift – one of optimized, clear performance expectations, priorities in decision-making aligned to strategic planning goals, and acquisition and development of top talent to meet immediate demands and plan for the future demands of TAA. The CPO is the advocate for collaboration and empowerment in decision-making, ensures communication clarity at all levels of TAA, leads all areas of human capital acquisition, development and retention in concert with the strategic plan, and serves as the ombudsman of culture for TAA.

Essential Functions: 

The following functions and all other functions not included in this job description are to be performed in the best interests and for the greater good of TAA.

  • Strategic Leader – Proven experience in transforming an organization from traditional HR into a more comprehensive and strategic people operations team, transforming TAA People Operations into a strategic center of excellence, lead proactive talent acquisition, onboarding and development strategies, lead the creation of a performance-based culture where individuals are rewarded not only for their contributions to the strategic plan, but for how they collaborate and connect with others throughout the organization in support of our guiding principles; serve as a strategic thought partner to the ET.
  • Team Builder – Develop a high performing team in People Operations that are known for their ability to add value to the broader organization, assist Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers with the tools and concepts that help them build high performing teams and deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Culture Guide – Be a TAA change agent that delivers an entirely new employment atmosphere for TAA; key responsibilities include the implementation of strategic policies throughout the organization; guide and advise on decisions related to strategic plan deliverables, supporting and implementing the mission, vision and guiding principles; developing and training of behavioral models at all levels of the organization aligned with our mission, vision and guiding principles; cultivate curiosity, diversity and working smart in the workplace. Direct substantial experience leading and delivering organizational and cultural change.
  • Data Champion – Promote and lead data driven guidance and decision making; optimize workforce management tools and information gathering methods; develop surveys and other tools for gathering employee information to assess employee satisfaction, culture, needs, and constructive feedback; report to President/CEO and ET on information and data to guide and develop workforce planning strategies.
  • Employee Advocate – Optimize retention and growth through programs to support and deliver employee happiness, satisfaction and engagement; develop and promote workforce coaching programs; cultivate safe and supportive environment for a diverse employee population; advocate for shared values.
  • Develop the annual operating budget for the department; monitor the department budget; develop and submit recommendations for the Capital Improvement Program and Major Maintenance Program, as necessary.
  • Facilitate and develop department goals and objectives to support the Strategic Plan, and monitor progress; collaborate with division stakeholders to coordinate division goals and objectives that require a cross-functional team approach.
  • Complete performance management for employees; monitor and evaluate the performance of personnel using standardized criteria.
  • Be responsive to airport emergencies and situations that may involve loss of human life or property; support public safety and operational response to emergencies; utilize Incident Management System (ICS)/National Incident Management System (NIMS) protocols and procedures; coordinate and/or participate in after-action emergency de-briefing with appropriate departments and stakeholders.
  • Ensure your supervisor and/or leadership is kept abreast of critical issues or conditions; maintain an effective external and internal communication system among all TAA departments, the Board, media, community leaders, outside agencies and others.
  • Work cooperatively and collaboratively with local, state and federal agencies; represent TAA at various meetings. 

The above listed functions are not necessarily all the essential functions.  Job duties and functions may be expanded or reduced by management based on the future needs of the organization.

Position Requirements: 

A Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, or closely related field; a minimum of 15+ years human resources experience with emphasis in designing, developing, and delivering human resources programming in the workplace; with at least 8 years top level management experience.  TAA will consider any equivalent combination of experience and training that provides the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities sufficient to demonstrate aptitude for the position.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of: 

  • A wide range of human resources and employment law concepts, principles, and practices including federal, state, and local laws and regulations applicable to TAA and the administration of the People Operations Department.
  • People assessments, development, and measurement methods and techniques.
  • Change management principles, performance evaluation processes, and successful employee engagement activities.
  • Principles and methods for curriculum and learning design and instruction for individuals and groups.
  • Succession planning processes.
  • Budget 

Skill in:

  • Strategic thinking, effective leadership skills and strong analytical abilities.
  • Executive level communication and influencing skills are a must, with the ability to communicate effectively with audiences at all levels of an organization.
  • Imaginative approaches for generating, promoting and delivering new ideas aimed at enhancing the team member experience.
  • Active listening; giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times.
  • Time management; managing ones’ own time and the time of others.
  • Written and oral communications; communicating effectively with various individuals; talking to others to convey information effectively.Reading comprehension; understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents.
  • Work organization and prioritization to best to accomplish work goals.
  • Establishing constructive and cooperative working relationships with others and maintaining them.
  • Organization, oral, listening, and written communications, proof-reading, critical-thinking and multi-tasking.
  • Taking initiative and being a self-starter.
  • Exercising effective supervisory management and leadership techniques.
  • Creating effective training materials utilizing a variety of media and delivery methods.
  • Written and verbal communication with a high level of confidence in engaging people at all levels of an organization.
  • Planning and operational deployment with a strong ability to translate vision and strategy into clear, actionable steps and processes.
  • Conducting rigorous research and analysis and appropriately applying insights.
  • Maintaining human resources information systems and human capital management systems.

 Ability to:

Environmental Requirements

  • Clean, temperature controlled facilities.
  • Semi-enclosed work spaces.

Mental Requirements

  • Address time sensitive and urgent matters related to complex people operations business with good judgment and effectiveness.
  • Perform tasks with a high degree of accuracy, attention to detail, with mature judgment, in fact moving work surroundings, with deadlines and multiple projects.
  • Initiate and organize responsibilities without observant supervision.
  • Effectively manage emergency events and situations consistent with federal regulations, NIMS/ICS, and best practices.

Physical Requirements

  • Read, write, and speak the English language in an articulate, fluent manner.
  • Communicate via telephone and computer with sufficient clarity to be understood by others.


  • Manage multiple priorities and remain organized.
  • Demonstrate excellent customer service and strategic thinking.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with TAA personnel, senior leadership, and executives to deliver results.
  • Make effective public presentations.
  • Use independent judgment requiring analysis of variable factors and determine the best course of action.
  • Understand that dissemination of information outside of job requirements is based on ”need-to-know” and must maintain discreet and professional sense of confidentiality due to sensitive nature of job functions.
  • Be sensitive and aware of actions and reactions of team members, tenants, outside agencies, and the general public, and inform supervisor of appropriate concerns.
  • Operate a computer utilizing Microsoft office software, other computer software products and programs, and office equipment.

 Licenses; Certificates; Special Requirements:

  • Valid Arizona Driver’s license.
  • Must obtain and maintain access to the Security Identification Display Area (SIDA).
  • Must successfully complete the National Incident Management System (NIMS) 100, 200, 700 and 800 course requirements and certification within the first year of assuming the position.
  • As an employee, you are deemed to be essential personnel as part of TAA’s emergency response, and must respond to airport incidents as requested/required.
  • Serve at the pleasure of the President/CEO and is not covered under the TAA appeals process.
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