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Public Meeting Information

This section includes notices of meetings of the Tucson Airport Authority Board of Directors, Board subcommittees and other public meetings involving the TAA and its airports.

The Tucson Airport Authority’s official bulletin board for posting notices is adjacent to the elevator doors on the 3rd floor of the Terminal at Tucson International Airport, 7250 S. Tucson Blvd, Tucson, Arizona 85756. The notices are viewable 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For questions regarding notices of TAA meetings, please call (520) 573-4822 during business hours or contact Contact information for other public meetings is included as part of the meeting notice.

To view a meeting notice, click on the title of the meeting listed below.

TAA Board of Directors

The planned schedule, which is subject to change, of regular meetings of the TAA Board of Directors for 2017:

January 23 – Annual Meeting Notice
February 22 – Board Retreat
March 1 – Board Meeting
April 5 – Board Meeting
May 3 – Board Meeting
August 2 – Board Meeting
September 13 – Board Meeting
November 1 – Board Meeting & All-Member Meeting
December 6 – Board Meeting
December 13 – CANCELLED

TAA Councils 

February 21 – Audit Council
April 12 – Corporate Governance Council
June 7 – Executive Council
July 12 – Finance & Risk Management Council
August 17 – Finance & Risk Management Council
August 29 – Corporate Governance Council
September 26 – Executive Council
October 2 – Audit Council
October 3 – Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Local Board
October 9 – Executive Council
November 6 – Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Local Board
November 13 – Nominating Council
December 5 – Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Local Board
December 12 – Nominating Council

TAA Police Department

July 17 – CALEA Accreditation Public Hearing

TAA Planning and Engineering 

September 28 – FAA public workshop for Environmental Impact Statement on proposed Airfield Safety Enhancement Project at Tucson International Airport.


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