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Plan Your Flight to/from Tucson

How to Get to Where You Want to Go

Use the timetable tool below to find flight schedules that will take you between Tucson (TUS) and any one of hundreds of airports around the world.

Search for either round-trip or one-way schedules. Once you’ve found an itinerary that works for you, click on the booking icon to go to the airline’s website where you will find fares and can book your trip.

Itineraries marked with a red symbol  (Low Cost Carrier) involve a flight segment on an airline that cannot be purchased as part of a connection with another airline. Passengers who choose an itinerary that includes a connection between two different airlines where one or both of the airlines is identified with the symbol must purchase separate tickets. This will require passengers to retrieve checked baggage and check-in with the second airline at the connecting airport to complete the journey. In these cases the individual airlines assume no responsibility for missed connections for any reason. It is strongly recommended that passengers contact the relevant airlines to ensure they have enough time to make the connection. (This does not apply to connections between two flights purchased on a single ticket on the same airline, even if the itinerary is marked with .) 

Schedules provided by OAG.
These timetable schedules are provided as a convenience and are subject to change by the airlines. OAG Worldwide Inc., its suppliers and the Tucson Airport Authority assume no liability or any loss damage or expense from errors, omissions or assumptions made from these timetables.
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