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Construction at TUS

A Brighter TUS is an umbrella name that encompasses multiple construction projects taking place in 2017 and 2018 at Tucson International Airport. They include the Terminal Optimization Project (TOP); new food, beverage and retail concessions; and installation of solar canopies over the parking lots in front of the commercial airline terminal.

Construction Updates for Passengers

  • January 2: Food and Beverage: Empire Pizza, downtown Tucson’s authentic New York-style pizza maker, is now at the airport next to Beyond Bread and Sir Veza’s Kitchen and Kantina near the A gates. …more.
  • December 6: Food and Beverage: Arbuckles’ Coffee is open in Baggage Claim, lower level, near the Arrivals Lounge for Concourse A. …more
  • November 4: Food and Beverage: Sir Veza’s Kitchen and Kantina and Beyond Bread open for Southwest and United passengers using the A gates. …more
  • October 19 – Parking: Installation of solar canopies over parking spaces in Hourly lot is completed. All spaces in all parking lots now available for use. …more
  • October 17 – Food and Beverage: Sit-down restaurants temporarily closed post-security on both concourses. Mixta Express Pop Up Kitchen, a kiosk featuring freshly prepared items, is open for passengers using the B gates (Alaska, American and Delta). “Grab-and-go” food items are available for passengers using both the A and B gates. Freshly prepared food items are also available at Noble Hops in Center Court area, pre-security. …more
  • September 20 – TSA Security: New Security Checkpoint for A gates is opened. Southwest, Sun Country and United airlines passengers enter new checkpoint at east end of terminal. …more
  • September 16 – Food and Beverage: Noble Hops is open on the ticketing level Center Point, pre-security, featuring craft brews and select menu items from its Oro Valley location. …more
  • September 7 – Retail: Arroyo Trading Post retail shop is open in the terminal Center Point, pre-security, featuring packaged food items from Tucson’s Agustín Kitchen. …more
  • June 9 – Retail: Gates Pass by Hudson retail shop is open for Southwest and United passengers using A gates. … more
  • June 8 – Retail: Fort Lowell by Hudson retail shop is open for Alaska, American and Delta passengers using B gates. …more
  • June 3 – Retail: Ink, the first of the new retail concessions, is open near the B gates. …more 
  • April 18 – TSA Security: New Security Checkpoint is open for B gates. Alaska, American and Delta passengers enter new checkpoint at west end of terminal. …more 
  • April 10 – Parking: Construction begins on installation of solar canopies in Hourly lot. Some spaces are unavailable. If lot is full, alternate short-term parking is available in Daily lot or Garage. …more
  • April 1 – Parking: Installation of solar canopies completed in Daily lot. All spaces available for parking. …more


Terminal Optimization Project

The Terminal Optimization Project (TOP) includes relocation and improved capacity for the the TSA Security Screening Checkpoints, expanded space for post-security passenger amenities, upgrades to critical building infrastructure and systems, and maximizing use of under-utilized space. The completed project extends the useful life of the terminal and provides TUS customers with a world class experience.


Project consists of:

  • Relocating and expanding the security checkpoints to either end of the terminal. Room for the checkpoints will be expanded to allow for four lanes to improve efficiency of the screening process.
  • Improving concession spaces, including the addition of a pre-security restaurant and gift shop in the center gallery.
  • Adding post-security amenities for passengers, including concessionaire options and a designated area for a business center and children’s play area.
  • Adding a “composure area” for passengers after they’ve cleared the security checkpoint.
  • Allowing for additional natural lighting, including windows overlooking the airside
  • A design that allows for increased visibility of the terminal, including a view from the center core to either checkpoint.
  • Use of Arizona color palette and natural materials.
  • Self-directing wayfinding with colored terrazzo flooring.

Phasing: Project is being phased to minimize passenger inconvenience

Contractor: Sundt Construction

Architect: DWL Architects + Planners, Inc.

Program Manager/Construction Manager: Hill International

Cost: $28,328,794 project budget

Funding: It is anticipated that Passenger Facility Charges (PFC) will finance the majority of the construction for the overall project. PFCs are a fee imposed by airports on departing passengers that is reserved for terminal improvements. The collection and use of PFCs must be authorized by FAA and limited to eligible projects that relate to public, non-revenue producing areas of the terminal.

TAA funds will be used for any non-eligible costs. No city or state tax will be used to fund this project.

A Brighter TUS

New Concession Concepts

New Concessions

Retail and food and beverage concessionaires are spending another $7.2 million to renovate and construct outlets emphasizing unique offerings of Tucson and southern Arizona.  are currently under construction in the terminal at Tucson International Airport.

New food and beverage options will feature well-known Tucson area establishments including Beyond Bread, El Charro Café, The Maverick, Noble Hops, Sir Veza’s Taco Garage, Thunder Canyon Brewery, Arbuckles’ coffee and downtown’s Empire Pizza.

Retail concepts are designed and themed to capture iconic cultural influences of the Tucson region such as a traditional mercado and tienditas (small stores) and historic influences using works of local artisans. In addition to selling travel necessities and newsstand items, the stores will offer local souvenirs, jewelry and sports gear.

Creative Food Group LLC, is the lead organizing the food and beverage concessions. The local brand outlets are being intermingled with national names including Bruegger’s Bagels, BUILT Custom Burgers and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Hudson Group Retailers LLC is collaborating with Tucson-based Poravion LLC and Cambios y Servicios Inc., Phoenix, on the retail locations. The retail stores are Arroyo Trading Post, including Agustín Kitchen Express in the Centre Pointe area of the ticketing level as a gathering place for travelers and locals coming to meet arriving passengers; and Hudson Gates Pass and Hudson Fort Lowell, both of which offers a variety of reading materials, local gift and souvenir items, and travel necessities. Another store, Ink, features all kinds of reading material displayed in a unique setting.

During construction, temporary concessions are open but with limited options. The new concessions are expected to begin opening fall.

Parking Construction

Construction is underway on a $7.6 million project to install solar canopies over the parking spaces in the Hourly lot in front of the airport terminal. The construction is taking place in phases through the end of November. During this time some spaces are unavailable for use but the goal is to have enough spaces available to accommodate normal operations.

If the Hourly lot is full, short-term parking is available in the Daily lot, which is adjacent to the Hourly lot, and in the Garage, which is adjacent to the Rental Car facility (reach it by using the Departures roadway through the terminal area and then following the signs to Garage parking).

Construction has been completed on the installation of the solar canopies in the Daily lot and all spaces are now available for use.



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