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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I go about getting a badge at the airport?

If you require unescorted access at Tucson International Airport, your employer or tenant (if you are a pilot) will begin the process.  At TIA, anyone requiring a badge must be directly employed by the Tucson Airport Authority or sponsored by one of its tenants. 

What is required in order to get a badge?

You must be able to pass an FBI-based criminal history check as well as a TSA-based Security Threat Assessment. 

What kind of identification do I need to bring to the CASS Badging Office in order to get fingerprinted?

Badge applicants must show two forms of identification - one must be issued by a government agency and the other must possess a photograph. 

Why do I need to get a badge?

It is a federal requirement  In order to have unescorted access in restricted, secured or sterile areas of the airport, employees must have a badge.  New Federal Regulations require home-based pilots to now have an airport-issued identification badge.  An airport employee that works beyond the security checkpoint, and requires unescorted access, must be badged. 

How long does it take to get a badge?

It can take several weeks, and sometimes longer, for the FBI-based criminal history check to be cleared and approved and all the required training to take place before a badge may be issued.

How much does it cost to get a badge?

Initial badge cost is $60.00.   Badges are renewed every two years, or more often if necessary, and will cost $60.00 for each additional badge. 

What happens if I lose a badge?

Lost badges cost $60.00 for replacement.  If a badge is found, the recipient receives a $25.00 reward.

Do I have to make an appointment to get a badge?

Anyone may walk in the CASS Badging Office during normal business hours and inquire about the process of getting a badge.

Do I have to give you my social security number?

A social security number is not required, however, without it the vetting process may be delayed or never completed and approved.  Approval is required in order to receive a badge.

Can I have two badges, if I work for two different companies?

Employees will be issued a "dual" badge indicating both employers.

Will you accept my CHRC fingerprint records from another airport?

No.  The CASS Badging Office does not accept any credentials from other airports. 

Can I have a copy of my CHRC fingerprint/STA record?

Yes.  Request for copies of CHRC and STA results must be made in writing to the CASS Badging Office and include applicant's social security number and name for proper verification.  .

Can you fax the results of my CHRC fingerprints/STA to another airport?

Yes, however we must have your written permission first.

If I have a fingerprint card, can I have fingerprints done here? Is there a charge for it?

Please contact the CASS Badging Office personnel for assistance.  There are times when staff can assist with manual fingerprinting requirements, but there is a charge.

What is a PIN?

A PIN is a personal identification number issued with an airport identification badge. Both a PIN and a badge are required to access CASS doors.

Can I change my PIN number?  

Go to the CASS Badging Office for this change. 

Can I try my badge, to make sure it's working? 

CASS Badging Office personnel will conduct a training and test of badges with applicants before they are issued.

I forgot my badge, what can I do? 

Temporary badges are not issued to tenants.  Workers will have to work escorted, if this is allowed, or retrieve badge and return to work.

Can I have a new picture taken?    

New photos are taken whenever the CASS Badging Office issues a new badge. The cost is $60. Federal Requirements mandate new pictures every two years.

My picture is faded, do I need a new badge? 

As long the picture is recognizable a new badge is not required. .

Can I take the Security Training just as a refresher course?   

Yes. Contact the CASS Badging Office personnel to schedule an appointment.