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Media Access


Media is requested to call a member of the TAA Business Development & Marketing Department or Dispatch prior to arrival. No escort is needed to film in public areas. The terminal at Tucson International Airport (TUS) and the Administration Building at Ryan Airfield (RYAN) are buildings operated by the Tucson Airport Authority (TAA). Media may film, tape, or photograph in publicly accessible areas, including but not limited to lobbies, parking lots and garages, roadways, hallways adjacent to concessions and other common use areas. Only ticketed passengers may proceed through security. It is not a practice of TAA to issue gate passes or escort the media through or beyond the Transportation Security Administration security checkpoint.


All crew/personal vehicles must use public parking lots/garages.

Guidelines for ALL parking and live shots

Television trucks providing a live shot or satellite feed may park in designated locations listed below. Please call the TAA Business Development & Marketing Department BEFORE arriving at the airport  (520) 573-4835.

Cabling must not impede pedestrian traffic flow.

TAA reserves the right to restrict media activity at any location on airport premises if public security, safety, or operational concerns so warrant.

Live Shots at TUS

Live trucks may park in the hourly parking lot directly in front of the terminal or the Executive Terminal. Parking is provided for live trucks only - no other crew vehicles. In the event of large numbers of live trucks, the Airport Operations Office and Airport Police will direct trucks to alternate areas. There are no designated live truck parking locations, but space may be temporarily allocated there if specific needs arise.

Television trucks MAY NOT park on the TUS upper roadway level or any other active loading and unloading curb.


When filming in the Airport terminal please do not interfere with passengers, airport employees or operations at the security checkpoints or airline ticket counters. Do not block: passengers, walkways, queues, doors, escalators, roads, etc.

Request advance clearance from Airlines, TSA, Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection or Concessions if you want to photograph their facilities up close. The TAA cannot grant permission on their behalf.

View Aircraft Operations at TUS:

Outdoors: South end of the third level of parking garage. Access on foot.

Indoors: The Center Gallery, ticketing level.

View Aircraft Operations at RYAN:

Outdoors: Along the fence near Airfield Drive.

Live Shots: No cabling is allowed inside the Terminal, through any doors or across passenger travel areas.  Please call  to clarify any live shot requests.


The Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for air traffic control at each airport. Inquiries about aircraft operations or delays in the air traffic system should be directed to FAA Regional Public Affairs Office (310) 725-3580

Aircraft / Airline Issues

Individual airlines are responsible for issues relating to that particular airline: labor issues, on-time performance, flight schedules, baggage issues, weather delays, etc.

Air Transport Association (202) 626-4172 for airline media contacts.

Airport Security

Airport security is a highly confidential subject. TAA policy is to limit the information made public regarding security procedures used by airport and federal personnel. The only information we are able to release is that which is readily visible to the public. The level of airport security is established by the Transportation Security Administration and implemented by airport and federal personnel. For more information regarding airport security, contact TSA Public Affairs (602) 501-3195

Adverse Weather

Adverse weather conditions could affect airport operations due to airfield conditions, visibility or other reasons.

The airport does not close during most inclement weather conditions.

Only during severe weather would the airport close for any extended period of time. However, flights may be delayed or canceled due to weather in the surrounding area or at the flight's destination.

Heavy rains do not usually close the airport, however some aircraft may be delayed in landing or taking off until visibility and conditions improve.

News Releases

News releases may be issued to describe changes in services, airport construction, notices to travelers during severe weather, etc. A list of the wire services, local newspapers, television and radio outlets is used to send releases by email. News releases are also posted on the airport website and social network outlets. To be placed on TAA's email list or if your contact information changes, please contact:

Jessie Butler
Public Relations Administrator
(520) 573-4835

Press Conferences

When the Authority has a major announcement that will affect travelers, or would like to draw the public's attention to an issue of importance at the airports, a news conference may be called. Advance media advisories will be issued to alert you of the upcoming event and press releases and other material will be provided at the event.

Interview Requests

All requests for interviews with TAA representatives should be made in advance to the TAA Business Development & Marketing Department. We will try to provide a spokesperson who can best address the topic of the interview. Requests to film at the airports should be made to the TAA Information Department. If no one is available in the TAA Business Development & Marketing Department, please contact: 

TAA Dispatch/Communications (520) 573-8182.