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2014 Year in Review

2014 Year in Review

A recap of the events during 2014

Tucson International Airport (TIA) and Ryan Airfield are economic engines for the regional economy. Their operations provide jobs, connect our citizens to the world and improve their qu... more

2014 GA Strategic Plan Update

TIA's General Aviation Strategic Plan

Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) recognizes the general aviation (GA) community as one of its three primary aviation stakeholders at Tucson International Airport (TIA), along with commerc... more

Art in the Airport

Art in the Airport

A catalog of TAA's permanent art collection

In 1987, the Tucson Airport Authority Board of Directors made a commitment to acquire art for Tucson International Airport. Since then the Authority has assembled an impressive collecti... more

2014 Green Report Icon

2014 TAA Green Report

TAA’s commitment to sustainability and the environment

TAA’s commitment to sustainability and the environment began in the 1980s and was formalized in its Corporate Philosophy, adopted in 2003, affirming that our organization is: “committed... more

History of TIA

History of Tucson Airport Authority

Charles Lindbergh arrived in 1927 to dedicate Tucson Municipal Airport

Aviation in Tucson has a rich and colorful
history. The story began in 1910 when Charles
“the bird man” Hamilton landed his Curtis
Bi-Plane over 13,000 spectators at the ... more

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2014 TAA Membership Brochure

A current list of all TAA members

The Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) was established on April 12, 1948, as a civic, nonprofit corporation as provided for under Arizona law. more