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Vendor Registration

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TAA procures goods and services through the competitive process of Invitations to Bid (Bid), Requests for Proposals (RFP), Requests for Qualifications (RFQ), and Requests for Quotes (Quote). A designated deadline is provided for each opportunity.

Please use the Vendor Registration Form to receive notification of new opportunities.

Solicitations in the form of Bids, RFP's and RFQ's are advertised in local Tucson newspaper(s) and on TAA's website. Some specialized solicitations may also appear in professional journals, trade magazines or other media to encourage competition. Some solicitations may have a Pre-Proposal Conference, Pre-Bid Meeting, or site visit scheduled whenever it is deemed beneficial. The solicitation will specify whether a conference, meeting or site-visit is a mandatory requirement or optional. If mandatory, only those firms or individuals in attendance shall be eligible to submit a solicitation response for award consideration; all others not represented at the meeting or visit shall forfeit any and all rights in submitting a response and shall be dropped from future notifications concerning that particular solicitation. All qualified vendors are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in all solicitations.

Some solicitations may require a Performance and Payment Bond and/or Bid or Proposal Bond. Information concerning bonding requirements will be specified in each solicitation.

Solicitations, such as RFP's and RFQ's, which require detailed evaluation, may result in a shortlist of vendors being selected for consideration. A shortlist will consist of the highest-ranking companies based on the evaluation of the responses provided. TAA reserves the right to contact, interview or require presentations from these firms. TAA will again evaluate the short-listed vendors for award consideration.