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The Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) has a variety of concession opportunities throughout the terminal area including but not limited to food and beverage, retail shops, rental cars, advertising, brochures, luggage carts, ATM's, shoeshine, and pay phones.  Concession services and other services to the public are procured in a manner deemed most appropriate, which, based on the circumstances, may include direct selection, informal or formal proposals, or competitive processes.  Contract awards are based on an appropriate combination of experience, qualifications, investment in facilities, and payments to TAA.  Procurements for concession services are accomplished in a manner that is most advantageous to TAA.  

To view a list of current concession opportunities please see the Purchasing and Contracting tab under Business Opportunities or click here.

For questions regarding a specific concession opportunity contact:

Barbara Hempel, Director of Properties
(520) 573-4819