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Board of Directors

Tucson Airport Authority is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of nine members who are elected from the TAA membership by active Authority members, typically to staggered terms of three consecutive years, and may serve a maximum of two successive terms. Directors and members receive no salary or compensation for their services.   

2015 TAA Board of Directors


Tucson Airport Authority
Past Chairmen (Presidents prior to 1998)


Monte Mansfield (1948-1952)

Lambert P. Hermes (1952-1955)

Fred R. Stofft (1956-1958)

Edward O. Earl (1959-1960)

Henry E. Dahlberg (1961-1962)

Robert W. Meyer (1963)

Gordon D. Paris (1964)

J. Luther Davis (1965)

R. B. "Buck" O'Rielly (1966)

Jack B. O'Dowd (1967)

Harold "Hal" Adamson, Jr. (1968)       

A. V. "Snag" Grossetta (1968)

Samuel C. McMillan (1969)

David M. Lovitt, Sr. (1970)

Harold Ashton (1971)

Duane B. Anderson (1972)

Clayton E. Niles (1973)

Hamilton R. Catlin (1974)

Robert J. Brooks (1975)

Fred T. Boice (1976)

Thomas R. Brown, Jr. (1977)

Harry B. Chambers (1978)

James M. Murphy (1979)

William E. Page (1980)

Katie Dusenberry (1981)

H. Wilson Sundt (1982)

George H. Amos (1983)

Joseph B. Wilcox (1984)

Edgar C. Butterbaugh (1985) 

Laura Almquist (1986)

John L. Carter (1987)

Hal W. Ashton (1988)

Ernesto Portillo (1989)

Jacob "Jake" F. Struble (1990)

Gary M. Munsinger (1991)

Lowell E. Rothschild (1992)

Ted S. Sitterley, Jr. (1993)

Arnold Elias (1994)

Donald Shropshire (1995)

Karl Ronstadt (1996)

Jim Cowan (1997)

Larry Adamson (1998)

James P. Wojciehowski (1999)

Elizabeth "Liz" Bilby (2000)

Susan G. Boswell (2001)

William G. Valenzuela (2002)    

Charles "Chuck" Jackson (2003)

James M. Sakrison (2004)

Michael J. Harris (2005)

Robert A. Elliott (2006)

Richard F. Imwalle (2007)

Darryl B. Dobras (2008)

Timothy J. Prouty (2009)

Christopher Sheafe (2010)

Rubin J. Salter (2011)

Thomas A. Zlaket (2012)

Lisa H. Israel (2013)

Edwin L. Biggers (2014)