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Board of Directors

Tucson Airport Authority is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of nine members who are elected from the TAA membership by active Authority members, typically to staggered terms of three consecutive years, and may serve a maximum of two successive terms. Directors and members receive no salary or compensation for their services.   

2014 Board of Directors 

Edwin L. Biggers, Chairman

Lisa H. Israel, Immediate Past Chair Ex-Officio

Steven R. Cole, Chair-Elect

Michael F. Hannley, Secretary

Steven D. Fell, Treasurer

Judy Patrick, Assistant Secretary

David Goldstein, Assistant Treasurer

Tony Finley, Director

James H. Moore, Jr., Director 

Lisa Lovallo, Director

Bonnie A. Allin, President & CEO 


Past President / Chairman


Hal D. Adamson

Larry R. Adamson, Esq.

Laura T. Almquist

Hal W. Ashton

Elizabeth T. Bilby

Fred T. Boice

Susan G. Boswell

John L. Carter

Darryl B. Dobras

Katie Dusenberry

Arnold R. Elias

Robert A. Elliott

Richard F. Imwalle

Lisa H. Israel

Charles Jackson

Gary M. Munsinger, Ph.D.

William E. Page

Ernesto V. Portillo

Timothy J. Prouty

Karl G. Ronstadt

Lowell E. Rothschild

James M. Sakrison

Rubin Salter, Jr.

Christopher H. Sheafe

Donald G. Shropshire

Ted Sitterley, Jr.

Jacob F. Struble

Thomas A. Zlaket 

Joseph B. Wilcox