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Military Liaison Office

The Military Liaison Office is located on the baggage claim level, across from Bag Belt #4. It is open 24/7 for current and former military members and their dependents as they travel through Tucson International Airport. Ground transportation is provided under AAFES contract to Ft. Huachuca by Huachuca Shuttle  ($77 to $112), 1-520-439-0439 and to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base by Arizona Stagecoach, 1-520-889-1000. Reservations in advance of arriving at TUS are recommended to reduce your wait time. Please contact the company above for a rate quote; mention if you are traveling on a voucher from your last base.

The Military Liaison Office is equipped with chairs, couches, TV, movies, microwave, coffee pots, fridge, and snacks, as well as has free Wi-Fi access and electronics charging stations. The MLO is a comfortable respite area while you await your flight or ground transportation pick-up.

For additional information specific to soldiers inbound to Ft. Huachuca, refer to the following contact numbers:

Military Intelligence Inbound Personnel
During Duty Hours (0730-1700): Primary POC - Thomas Sanchez, 1-520-533-2016; alternate POC - BDE S1, 1-520-533-1198
After Duty Hours (after 1600): 111th MI BDE Staff Duty, Ft. Huachuca, 1-520-538-1071

305/309 MI Bn Inbound Personnel
305th & 309th Joint SDNCO, 1-520-533-76838 (after 1600 hours)

UASTB Inbound Personnel (desk manned during and after duty hours):
Duty PSG Office, 1-520-533-9541; CQ 1-520-533-6846

HHC, USAIC Inbound Personnel
USAIC S1: 1-520-533-5948 (during duty hours)
HHC, USAIC 1SG: Office 1-520-533-5903; BB: 1-520-220-1658
HHC USAIC Staff Duty: 1-520-538-1071 (after 1630)

11th Signal Brigade Inbound Personnel
11th Signal BDE Staff Duty, Ft. Huachuca - 1-520-533-1339
(desk manned during and after duty hours)

For Students Attending the Following Army Reserve Military Intelligence Classes:

35F10 MOS-T 35M10 MOS-T 35F30 ALC 35L30 ALC 35N30 ALC
35G10 MOS-T 35L20 MOS-T 35G30 ALC  35M30 ALC MI SLC

Please coordinate for shuttle transportation to Ft. Huachuca as directed in your welcome letter. If you have arrived after hours and cannot get shuttle service, please contact the course manager for your respective course as directed in your welcome letter.

For a printable version of this information please click on the link below.

Military Liaison Office Transportation Information