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Tucson International Airport offers a variety of services for passengers with disabilities. Numerous accessibility services such as TDD telephones and visual paging monitors are available at key locations inside the terminal to assist travelers with special needs. Personal assistance is available 24 hours by dialing "0" from any courtesy phone. Airport Ambassadors are on duty during peak travel times and are happy to provide assistance as well.

Please contact your airline in advance to inform them of any assistance you may require including:  wheelchair, specific seating or food requests, ect.


Departing passengers may use curbside unloading on the upper level roadway in front of the terminal. Some airlines provide curbside baggage check-in. All airlines provide curbside wheelchair assistance. Advance arrangements with airlines will insure a prompt response.

Security regulations prevent curbside parking. Loading and unloading only is permitted curbside. If you are dropping off or picking up you can park in the Hourly Lot, Parking Garage, or the Cell Phone Waiting lot.


All public elevators contain Braille and lowered control panels to facilitate ease of use. There are five elevators located throughout the public areas of the terminal, within close proximity of escalators and stairs.

Emergency Services

For medical emergencies, trained emergency medical technicians are available 24 hours. Dial 911 from any airport or cellular phone for assistance.

Ground Transportation

All ground transportation services, including the Economy parking lot shuttles, taxis, shared-ride vans, luxury sedans, hotel and off-airport parking shuttles, are located along the Commercial Roadway in front of the terminal. Many taxicabs and shuttle services provide special access vehicles. Check with specific providers for facilities. Reservations are suggested.

Rental Cars

Many rental car companies provide special access vehicles. Reservations are required. Rental car counters and vehicles are located directly east of the terminal in the Rental Car Building, accessible via the moving sidewalk inside The Link. 

City Bus

Public transit is available via SunTran which provides service every half hour to and from the Tucson International Airport and is wheelchair accessible. The bus stop is located on the sidewalk directly west of the terminal.

Moving Walkways

These walkways, located in The Link hallway adjacent to the American Airlines ticket counter and baggage claim, connect the terminal to Garage parking and the Rental Car Building.

Passengers with disabilities may find it more convenient to avoid the moving sidewalk, and take the elevator to the upper level to then travel down the ramp from the terminal to the rental car facility.


Visual paging display monitors are placed at clearly designated locations throughout the airport terminal. To place a visual page dial "0" from any white courtesy phone.

TDD (Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf) telephones that accommodate the hearing impaired are available in the Lost and Found Office in baggage claim near belt #4, and in the airport's communications center. If you anticipate receiving a page or wish to leave a standard audible page, visit Lost and Found or call (520) 573-8111 for assistance.


Reserved accessible parking is available in all parking lots operated by Tucson Airport Authority at Tucson International Airport. To park in these reserved spaces, official license plates bearing the disabled designation or other official documents issued by a municipality or state of residence must be prominently displayed. Economy parking, on E. Corona Road and S. Tucson Blvd, provides a shuttle with wheelchair accessibility for long-term parkers. For additional information or to arrange for a wheelchair accessible shuttle, please call ACE Parking Management (520) 573-8388.


All airport restrooms contain at least one larger stall and grab bars to accommodate individuals with accessibility needs. In addition to wheelchair accessible restroom facilities, there are three family restrooms in the terminal: adjacent to the Welcome Lounges in the baggage claim area and on the ticketing level/center.

Security Screening Assistance

Travelers who require special assistance should contact their airline ahead of time to request assistance in reaching airline-boarding gates.

Security measures restrict public access beyond passenger screening checkpoints to ticketed passengers only. However, airlines may allow persons with special needs to be accompanied by health care assistants or guardians. If a friend or family member wants to accompany an elderly or disabled person to or from the aircraft gate, they need to obtain permission from the airline.

For more information about security screening and regualtions, the TSA recommends travelers call their helpline, which is staffed Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. Eastern Time, at least 72 hours before traveling. The number is 1-855-787-2227.

Service Animals Relief Area

Prickly Paws Pet Stop, the Tucson International Airport pet relief area, is located outside of the east end of the lower level baggage claim area. Plastic bags and a container for disposal of solid waste are provided. Airlines can arrange for escort services, if required.

Wheelchair Service

Customers should contact their airline for information about wheelchair and other special assistance. Wheelchairs may also be available from Skycaps along the upper level Departing Flights roadway.

ADA Coordinator

Please direct all ADA questions, requests for auxiliary aids or service, requests for alternate format or any other concerns or complaints to the Airport ADA Coordinator at Tucson Airport Authority or call (520) 573-8100 during regular business hours. 

To review the Tucson Airport Authority's Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Complaint Procedures, or file a complaint, please utilize the following links:

Grievance Form  

Compliance Policy and Complaint Procedure


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