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Drone Users Know Before you Fly!

unmanned droneThe Tucson Airport Authority supports the safe operation of drones for recreational use and commercial purposes.

Coordination is a MUST! There are many areas around the airports that are NOT SAFE to fly drones because manned aircraft operate at low altitudes.

Please view the radius maps for the Tucson International Airport (TUS) and Ryan Airfield (RYN):

Five Mile Radius:

• Tucson International Airport (TUS)
• Ryan Airfield (RYN)

Contact The Tucson Airport Authority Airside Operations Department to coordinate drone operations or for any questions regarding drone uses in airport environments:

Jeff Horton, Director of Airside Operations and Communications

Marc Gomez, Senior Supervisor of Airside Operations

Airside Operations Department

Recreational Flyers:

If you will be flying within five (5) miles of the Tucson International Airport or Ryan Airfield, you must contact the Airport Operations Department to coordinate your drone flight.

• The FAA REQUIRES you to register your Drone if it weighs less than 55 lbs. FAA Drone Registry
• Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) FAA Advisory Circular107-2
• FAA Part 107 Fact Sheet 
• B4UFLY Smartphone App

Civil or Commercial Flyers:

The FAA requires you to have a 333 Exemption and the accompanying Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (CoW/COA) to fly outside of standard regulations. Unless you have a specific COA that allows something different, some of the things you MUST do include:

• Operate at altitudes of 400 feet above ground or less.
• Maintain visual line of sight with your drone.
• See and avoid manned aircraft.
• Have your COA or CoW with you when operating a sUAS.
• Must check NOTAMS and TFRs before flight operations.
• Consider a Letter of Agreement (LOA) for recurring or long term operations.

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