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Scene Out West Now on display at Tucson International Airport

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Scene Out West Now on Display at Tucson International Airport


      Celebrating the west and Rodeo Days at Tucson International Airport (TIA) has long been a tradition. Two new exhibits in the terminal help set the stage.

      Scene Out West features oil paintings by Janine Hart Manemann, Jean Chandanais Bohlender, and Pat Doughty on exhibit through April 9 in the TIA Lower Link Gallery, on the baggage level near American Airlines baggage belt #7.

Janine Hart

    Janine Hart Manemann's desert landscapes capture the atmosphere and light of the moment expressively. An experienced plein air painter and member of the Tucson Plein Air Painters Society.

     "As an artist I intend for my art to be emotive and expressive. I appreciate the natural peacefulness and beauty of nature and I intend for that to be evidenced in my art."

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Jean Chandanais

Painter Jean Chandanais Bohlender attraction to the cowboy way is apparent in her work. "I love painting cowboys. I love their spirit, their skill, the challenges they choose to face and the fact that they are only there because they want to be. They respect the land, the animals and each other. They work together for the good of all, and their word is the only contract you need."

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Pat Doughty

      Pat Doughty works both with canvas and with glass to create impressions of light and color. She earned her BA from Carleton College, Northfield, MN, and began exploring artistic expression at the Art Center of Minnesota. She lives and works in two locations offering continuing inspiration: Northern Minnesota in the summer, and Southern Arizona in the winter.

     A studio artist, she finds her inspirations on plein air painting trips, and on travels with her husband as they tour our country's National Parks and scenic back roads in their antique cars.

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     Also on display until March 3 is an exhibit of carriages from the collection of the Tucson Rodeo Parade Museum.

ARC-6 Studebaker

      The ARC-6 Studebaker features with a folding seat trap. The Studebaker Brothers began producing wagons in South Bend, Indiana in 1852. Two brothers, Clement and Henry, had saved $68 to start the company.

     The Rodeo Parade Museum is also known as the site of the country?s first municipal airport in the country, Tucson Municipal Flying Field.

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