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Raytheon Conference Room Addition

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                                                  Tucson International Airport


DATE:      December 20, 2013

RE:           Raytheon Conference Room Addition      

Construction will begin on Monday, December 23, 2013

Duration:  45 days

WORK CONSISTS OF:  Adding a conference room to the west end of bay 7 in air cargo terminal 2.  Also, the removal of the existing roof top evaporative cooler and replacing it with two HVAC units and the associated air supply ducting.

See attached diagram.   

Please use Extreme Caution while in the construction area.



Routine Project Information:               Joe Bustamante (520-573-4892)

Construction Emergencies (24/7):        Mark Staszak (520-573-8014) OR

Page Via TAA Communications Center (520-573-8182 or 8111)