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Firefighters Without Borders


Firefighters Without Borders Return to Tucson

Tucson, Ariz. (October 25, 2013)-The Seven firefighters from different fire departments in the greater Tucson region returned from  a two--week Emergency Services training mission in Israel today (Oct. 25, 2013). The firefighters spent their time in different parts of Israel not only working with members of Israeli Fire and Rescue Service personnel there, but also acting as ambassadors of good will.

The program, called Firefighters Without Borders, is sponsored by the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation. This is the first time such a venture has been undertaken in Tucson.

While in Israel, the firefighters worked and lived with emergency services personnel throughout the country. They learned techniques in firefighting and had the benefit of seeing how Israel handles mass casualty events.  They learned watercraft rescue techniques on the Dead Sea and planted trees on Mount Carmel, where 44 people were killed in a wildfire.  The trees were planted out of respect both for the victims of Mount Carmel and to honor the 19 hotshots who lost their lives in the Yarnell Hill Fire in June.

The arrival of the Tucson firefighters were greeted with a front-page news story in a local newspaper and their trip was followed by well-wishers and family members on Twitter and Facebook.

The firefighters represented the following fire departments: Northwest Fire, Rincon Valley, Tucson Airport Authority, Green Valley and the Tucson Fire Department.