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Lehrer Photography Exhibit Coming to TIA

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Lehrer Photography Exhibit Coming to TIA

Viki Matthews
Public Relations Administrator
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Tucson, Ariz. (August 20, 2013) - Tucson, Ariz. - Tucson photographer Cy Lehrer will exhibit his first solo show in nearly five years at Tucson International Airport (TIA). Lehrer's recent digital color work will be on display in the airport's Lower Link Gallery from Sept. 3 to Dec. 31.

The Lower Link Gallery is located on the baggage level, east end, adjacent to both American Airlines' bag belt 7 and the moving sidewalk leading to the Rental Car Facility.

Lehrer's exhibit will present a diversity of photographic work since he includes imagery from four distinctly different series created in the last few years:

  • "Digital Noir," a project featuring objects placed in negative space;
  • "The Walls of Buenos Aires," a group of collages created from the ubiquitous graffiti-covered walls of Argentina's capital city;
  • "More Postcards from the Strip," an extension of a series made earlier and depicting many sides of Las Vegas-the loopy, the sad, the simply peculiar;
  • and a group of non-objective photographs created as an experimental departure from Lehrer's more typical photographic realism.

Lehrer has been a photographer since 1957 and has shown his work publicly since 1983, with more than 115 solo and major exhibits to his credit as well as participation in numerous group shows.

After working for decades in the traditional "fine print" black and white mode, he has more recently produced digital color imagery. His photographic interests have ranged from social documentary to traditional landscapes, satirical aspects of the urban and suburban landscape, monumental ancient ruins and the contemporary street life surrounding them, and candid environmental/situational portraits. A recurring theme of his work addresses in various ways issues of mortality, impermanence and the brevity of life.

Since transitioning to digital color, Lehrer's projects have incuded "Vanitas," an ongoing still-life series of decaying fruits and vegetables, satirical street photography and urban landscape, abstractions, and a large body of work made in China in late 2005. He has experimented with landscapes drastically altered and manipulated, non-objective renditions of various subjects, multiple imagery in black-and-white augmented with fabricated color, and the collage. Lehrer has, in the past few years, continued in his street photography interest and has also moved into the more provocative realms of negative space and zen-inspired imagery.

Lehrer has had one person showings of his work in many notable venues in Tucson and across the nation. In addition, he has shown in many other universities, public and private museums, galleries and art centers. His work has appeared several times in group shows at the renowned Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona. Lehrer's series of images made in various Holocaust sites in Germany and Eastern Europe are on permanent exhibition at the U. S. Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.