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Bufflegrass Mitigation

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                                                  Tucson International Airport

RE:           10112268 Buffelgrass Mitigation

Project Start Date:  August 5, 2013

Duration:    Approximately two months

WORK CONSISTS OF:  treatment of an invasive weed (buffelgrass) on TIA property (see attached map).  Northwest Landscaping/exterminating personnel will be spraying buffelgrass using vehicle mounted sprayers and backpack sprayers.  Personnel using backpack sprayers will be on foot.

Please use Extreme Caution during the buffelgrass treatment project.



Routine Project Information:               Eric Roudebush (520-573-4805)

Construction Emergencies (24/7):        Eric Roudebush (520-573-4805) OR

Page Via TAA Communications Center (520-573-8182 or 8111)