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Tucson International Airport Updates Master Plan


Tucson International Airport Updates Master Plan

Tucson, Ariz. (April 3, 2013) - The Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) Board of Directors approved an update to the Tucson International Airport (TIA) Master Plan April 2. The Master Plan looks out 20 years into the future and provides a strategic roadmap for the physical development of the airport.

The plan is typically updated every five to seven years. The last TIA Master Plan was completed in 2004.

The Master Plan update involved a two-year public process that identified goals for airport growth; developed the aviation demand forecast; analyzed existing conditions; identified development alternatives; and established an implementation plan for funding and phasing projects.

The primary emphasis in the update's development program is the relocation and expansion of the parallel runway and connecting taxiway system. These improvements will enhance safety and operational efficiency on the airfield and ensure TIA's long-term global competitiveness.

The plan also focuses on maximizing land use planning to further leverage TIA's position as the economic development hub for the region, not only in employment and the safe and efficient movement of people and goods, but also as a resource to support recruitment and expansion of the region's target industries-including aerospace and defense, transportation and logistics, and bioscience.

"The Master Plan allows TAA to effectively prepare to meet our community's air service, multi-modal, logistics and economic needs with a strategic, proactive approach that provides for the changing market conditions," said TAA President and CEO Bonnie Allin.

"We want to thank all of our community partners who participated in this process, including volunteers on our Technical and Public Advisory Committees, and the general public who came out to offer their input at our public meetings. This is the community's airport, and we want to ensure that we are providing good stewardship, as well as the safest, most efficient aviation facilities possible."

Click here to access the Master Plan Update executive summary.