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Tucson’s Busiest Travel Season Offers New Convenience


Tucson's Busiest Travel Season Offers New Convenience

Tucson, Ariz. (Jan. 16, 2013)-The busiest time of the year is coming to Tucson International Airport (TIA). A new mobile website is in place to provide on-the-go flight information to aid flyers, as well as locals picking up incoming passengers.

The mobile website is designed to provide instant access to real-time flight information. The first phase is live in time for increased spring activity. A second phase, planned for later this year, will include additional information on parking and airport services.

  TIA Mobile Site IMAGE

The site is optimized for all major mobile platforms and displays the same information available on flight information displays in the airport terminal. It is accessed by visiting on a mobile device. A new sign in the Cell Phone Waiting lot includes a quick response (QR) code that allows greeters picking up passengers to scan the sign in order to instantly check the status of their incoming flight.

March has historically been the month with TIA's highest volume of passengers, followed by April. Airlines are now finalizing schedules for that time period, and they have made some capacity additions to again allow for increased passenger flow to and from TIA.Southwest Airlines has added an additional outbound flight to Denver Monday through Saturday from mid-March to mid-April. This means passengers flying out of Tucson now have three time choices. Most days, the addition is matched with a third inbound flight from Denver as well.

"This is the first time Southwest has offered three daily Denver flights, and the implications go beyond that destination," said Dick Gruentzel, vice president of administration and finance and chief financial officer for Tucson Airport Authority.

"Denver is a major hub for Southwest, and this new flight will allow more choices for connecting to dozens of other cities," Gruentzel said.

Another bright spot for spring is Alaska Airlines' decision to extend use of larger, newer jets for its daily Tucson-Seattle nonstops. In fall, Alaska switched older Boeing 737-400 aircraft for 737-900 models that offer 172 rather than 144 seats. Alaska's schedule indicates the larger jets will be used through May, making room for nearly 1,000 more Tucson travelers per month.

Similarly, Delta Air Lines has added a second flight to Minneapolis on certain days of the week in March and early April.