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Tucson International Airport Receives Grant for Major Reconstruction Project


 Tucson International Airport Receives Grant for Major Reconstruction Project  

Phase one of three-year effort to begin summer 2013 

Tucson, Ariz. (Sept. 21 , 2012)–The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded a $19.5 million grant to Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) to fund the first phase of design and reconstruction of the main terminal apron at Tucson International Airport (TIA). In addition, the Arizona Department of Transportation will provide $957,226 to help offset TAA's federal grant matching requirement.

The apron, or ramp, is the paved area surrounding the airport terminal and is used for aircraft parking, loading and fueling. The existing concrete, which was constructed in 1960 when the terminal was built, will be replaced with new concrete at a depth of 16 inches. The project also includes the building of a new service vehicle roadway plus a new storm drainage system, lighting, 400 Hz power system infrastructure, hydrant fueling system modifications, a fuel loading stand, blast wall and security fencing.

"This reconstruction project will ensure TIA can continue to safely accommodate our community's passenger airline service needs," said TAA President and CEO Bonnie Allin.

Rep. Raul Grijalva issued a statement congratulating TAA. He said these types of programs make transportation safer and more efficient.

"I join the people of Southern Arizona in thanking the Airport Authority for pursuing these funds and putting them to such good use," Grijalva said.

The grant covers phase one of this multi-year project, which is expected to take three years to complete at a total project cost of $48 million, employing 70 workers over the life of the project. Construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2013.