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M. Diane Dale Presents Exotic Habits

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For Immediate Release: October 6, 2010

M. Diane Dale Presents Exotic Habits 

   Exotic Habits, acrylics and watercolors, by M. Diane Dale is on display in the Center Gallery at Tucson International Airport now through December 31, 2010.

   Nature is the subject of this dreamy show that features ponds, bird's nests, and animal portraits.

   "I look for the spirit in my subject. Whether I'm painting a still life, a landscape or portraiture, I try to find the spirit that will resonate with the viewer," said Ms. Dale.

   She goes on to explain, "I love images that seem to have just flown on a page or canvas. It is much harder to get that effect than to study and dissect an idea to make an image."

   The bird nest series conveys that sense of flight with what look like well used and hastily assembled rather than carefully tended habitat. The nests are a riot of color and material and irresistible because of it.

   On the other hand the lilies floating in the pond series, while equally languid, are more structured and carefully placed, as if Nature took more care it their appearance.

   Handsome is the word to describe ‘pet projects.' The profile of the Great Dane trying to be indifferent yet reveling in the attention shows Ms. Dale is truly connecting with the spirit of these subjects.