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Background: The Terminal Optimization Program (TOP), which will go by its campaign name, A Brighter TUS, includes a variety of terminal facility improvements, including relocation and improved capacity at the Security Screening Check Points, enhanced concession and revenue opportunities, the upgrade of critical building systems, and maximizing use of under-utilized space. The completed project will extend the terminal useful life and provide TUS customers with a world class experience.


Project consists of:

  • Relocating and expanding the security checkpoints to either end of the terminal. Checkpoints will be expanded from three to four lanes to improve queuing. 
  • Improved concession spaces, including the addition of a pre-security restaurant and combined gift shop in the center gallery.
  • More post-security amenities for passengers, such as improved concessionaire options and a designated area for a business center and children's play area. 
  • The addition of composure areas immediately following security checkpoints for passengers to situate after passing through security
  • Additional natural lighting with more windows overlooking airside
  • Open design for increased visibility of terminal, including center core to either checkpoint and view of the ramp from checkpoints
  • Arizona color palette and natural materials 
  • Self-directing wayfinding with colored terrazzo

Phasing: Project is phased to minimize passenger inconvenience

Contractor: Sundt Construction

Architect: DWL Architects + Planners, Inc.

Program Manager/Construction Manager: Hill International

Cost: $28,328,794 project budget

Funding: Passenger Facility Charges (PFC) will finance the majority of the construction for the overall project. PFCs are a fee imposed by airports on departing passengers that is reserved for terminal improvements. The collection and use of PFCs must be authorized by FAA and limited to eligible projects that relate to public, non-revenue producing areas of the terminal.

Prior to FAA approval of PFC application, TAA will fund this project using Special Reserve Funds (SRF). Once approved, TAA will reimburse the SRF and pay ongoing eligible project costs with PFC funds already collected and/or PFC funds to be imposed and collected in the future.

TAA funds will be used for any non-eligible costs. No city or state tax will be used to fund this project.


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A Brighter TUS

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